Meetings: Übersetzung Seconds, Minutes, Action Points?

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  • The agenda (= Tagesordnung)

Open the meeting and welcome everyone. Then go through the agenda step by step.

Those present and apologies: The apologies of those members not able to attend the meeting are recorded as part of the minutes. Send round an attendance register if there are too many people to just record it in the minutes. Ask if there are any apologies from people who are not there.

  • Minutes (= Protokoll) 

Minutes are accurate notes of what is discussed and decided on at meetings. Make sure that the minutes of the previous meeting are circulated to everyone or at least read at the beginning of the meeting. (See section on writing minutes) Minutes must be adopted at the beginning of a meeting. Give people a chance to read the minutes or read them out aloud. Everyone must agree that they are an accurate record of the last meeting. Members must be given the chance to add where item/points might have been left out.

  • to second a proposal (= einen Antrag befürworten)

  • action points ( = konkrete Maßnahmen)

one of a series of notes drawn up after a meeting stating what tasks need to be carried out and who will do each one ⇒ There should be a list of action points against each item on the agenda. -?


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