männliche K-pop Group? gerne auch mit Lied/ern

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A-jax, B.A.P, B1A4, Beast, Bangtan Boys, Big Bang, Block B, Boyfriend, Boys Republic, BTOB, C-Clown, Cross Gene, DMTN, Excite, EXO (K,M), F.CUZ, History, Infinite, JJ Projekt, LC9, M.I.B, M4M, Mblaq, Mr.Mr, MYNAME, NU'EST, OFFROAD, Pure, Shinee, Shinhwa, SPEED, SS501 (leider nicht mehr ne band), Super Junior, Supernova, Teen Top, Timez, TVXQ, U-KISS, VIXX, Wonder Boyz, ZE:A, 100%, 24K, 2AM, 2PM

Des sind alle männlichen bands die ich so mag^^ hoffe ich konnte dir helfen..

Ich stimme der Liste von Yumetsuki absolut zu und versuche bei meiner sie nicht zu wiederholen :) Vor die künstler die mir ganz besonders am Herzen liegen mache ich Ausrufezeichen! :D


100% - Bad Guy, Want U Back, Still Again

(!) A.Tract - Good Bye, It's Over, Rain

A-ble - Mystery, I Hate You

(!) A-JAX - Don't Know Anything But You (Never Let Go), Hot Game, One 4 U, 2MYX

Block B - Halo, LoL, No Joke

Bohemian - There Is No Sun

(!) C-Clown - Shaking Heart, Solo, It's An Accident (Destiny), Because You Might Grow Distant

Cross Gene - New Days, La Di Da Di, One Way Love

(!) EXO - Black Pearl, Heart Attack, Mermaid's Tears (Baby, Don't Cry), Let Out The Beast, Two Moons (Feat. Key of SHINee), Machine

History - Dreamer, The Last Time

(!) LC9 - MaMa Beat (ft. Gain), Skirmish, Hold On

(!) LED Apple - Something Wrong (Keonu ft. Kyumin), Ran Into You By Chance, Let The Wind Blow, Sadness, Time Is Up, Who Do You Think You Are

MYNAME - Anonymous

(!) Nell - Hopeless Valentine, Beautiful Stranger, And, Things Left Behind

SPEED - Pain (The Love Of Heart), It`s Over (Only Speed), That's My Fault - Sad Promise (Feat. Davichi)

(!!!) Super Junior - Boom Boom, Sexy, Free & Single, A-CHa, Superman, Be My Girl, Gulliver, Day Of Breaking Up (A 'Good' bye), Monster, Sorry Sorry (Answer), Opera, It's You

(!!) Super Junior M - Perfection, Break Down, Super Girl, In my Arms, I'll Straighten You Up (Stand Up), Go

(!!!) Supernova - Stop Girl, Saturday, Addicted, Into the Storm (She's Gone), Stupid Love

(!!) TVXQ/DBSK/Tohoshinki - Darkness Eyes, Break Out, Bolero, Mirotic, Purple Line, Wrong Number, Maze, Crazy Love, You're my Melody, Get Me Some (New Version), Survivor

(!) U-Kiss - Forbidden Love, Tick Tack, Take Me Away, Top That, Redial, Cinderella, Dance Floor

ZE:A - S.A.D (Something In A Dream), Love Is Gone, Hunter, Variety Of Ways, Be My Girl, Again, Mazeltov, Invincible


Henry - Trap

Heo Young Saeng - Intimidated, Let It Go (ft. Hyuna), I'm Broken, Rainy Heart (ft. Kim Kyu Jong)

Jang Geun Suk - Crazy Crazy Crazy, Abracadabra, Let Me Cry, Magic Drag (ft. Hyorin)

(!!) Lee Jun Ki - Goodbye... You Won (The Rain)

Trax - Oh! My Goddess, Healing (ft. Key), Knock Knock Knock

2PM - Heartbeat, Tik Tok, All Day I Think of You, Comeback When you hear this Song, Go Back, Game Over, Like a Movie, Hot, Give it to Me.

Big Bang - Love Song, Fantastic Baby, Blue, Monster, Lies, Bad Boy.

BEAST - Fiction, I knew It, On rainy Days, Black Paradise, Shock, Lights go on Again, Beautiiful Night, Midnight Sun, Take Care of my Girlfriend.

TVXQ (Duo) - Catch Me, Humanoids, Why (Keep your Head Down), I don't Know.

JYJ - In Heaven, Get Out, Long Way.

FT Island - Severely, I wish, Paper plane, Bad Woman, Don't love me, Hello Hello.

CN Blue - I'm Sorry, Hey You, I'm a Loner, Love follows the Rain, Lie.

Infinite - The Chaser, Paradise, Man in Love, Nothings Over, Julia, Be Mine, Tic Toc, Before the Dawn, Only Tears.

B.A.P - One Shot, Coma, Secret Love, Power.

2AM - Can't Say I love you, I was Wrong, You wouldn't Answer my Calls, I wonder If you're hurt like me.

B1A4 - Tried to Walk, What's Happening?, Only One, Only learned the Bad things.

Block B - Burn Out, Nanrina, Nililli Mambo.

DMTN (Dalmatian) - Safety Zone, E.R.

Epik High - It's Cold, Run, Don't hate me.

EXO - Mama, History, Wolf, What is Love, Angel.

MBLAQ - Smoky Girl, Mona Lisa, It's War, Cry, Stay.

Mr.Mr. - Highway.

BTOB - Insane, Imagine, Irresistibe Lips, WoW, 2nd Confession.

NU'EST - Face, Hello, Action.

Phantom - Burning, Hole in your Face.

Teen Top - Miss Right, Clap, Missing You.

U-Kiss - Standing Still, Stop Girl, Baby Don't Cry, Neverland, DoraDora, Someday, Believe.

VIXX - Hyde, Super Hero, On and On, Rock ur Body.

Dürfens auch Solo Sänger sein?

Jang Wooyoung (2PM) - Sexy Lady, Falling Down, Letting you go, Be with you, Only Girr, DJ got me going crazy.

Yoseob (BEAST) - Caffeine.

Daseung (Big Bang) - Baby don't cry, Lunatic.

Taeyang (Big Bang) - Wedding Dress, I need a Girl, I'll be there.

G-Dragon (Big Bang) - That XX, Crayon.

Seungri (Big Bang) - VVIP, So what d you want me to do now.

Kim Jaejoong (JYJ) - Mine, One Kiss, I'll Protect You.

Junsu (JYJ) - No Gain, Tarantallegra, Uncommited.

Kim Sunggyu (Infinite) - 60 Seconds, I need You, 41 Days, Because.

Nam Woohyun (Infinite) - Cactus, Time.

Brian Joo - Let this die, Domino, Love it's Over Now.

Heo Young Saeng - Crying, The Art of Seduction, Maria.

Huh Gak - Hello, I told you I wanna Die, Whenever you play that Song.

Jay Park - Know your Name, Abandonend, Joha.

Jeon Jinwoon (2AM) - You walking toward me, Psycho, Word I couldn't Say.

Jo Kwon (2AM) - Heaven, Just a Kiss.

K.Will - I need You, Please Don't, We Never go Alone, Butterfly, I hate myself, Love Blossom.

Kim Hyung Jun - Sorry I'm Sorry, Just let it Go, Please.

Roy Kim - Bom Bom Bom, Love Love Love.

SE7EN - That Person, Somebody Else, When I can't Sing.

Seo In Guk - Broken, Shake it Up, Tease Me.

Tablo (Epik High) - Home, Tomorrow, Bad.

Die Lieder mag ich ganz gerne, aber wie wir wissen sind Geschmäcker ja verschieden, hoff aber trotzdem das etwas für dich dabei ist ^^

KungfuGirl97 02.07.2013, 22:23

OMG - danke, danke danke :) das sind soo viele - da werde ich mich mal durchhören :) vielen vielen dank :)

YueYu 10.07.2013, 01:18

Geile Auswahl! Wollt' mich gerade dran setzten und eine ellenlange Liste erstellen, als ich deine gesehen hab. Ich hätte EXAKT dieselben Interpreten aufgelistet und auch die Songauswahl ist richtig klasse! Hast' einen guten Geschmack ;)



Super junior shinee, mblaq, u kiss, infinte (nothings over und man in love sind meine favouriten) girls generation

KungfuGirl97 01.07.2013, 22:29

danke schön :) shinee kenn ich schon :) why so serious, lucifer, ring ding dong... :)


OMG!! ZU VIIEELL!!!!! hör einfach auf Yumetsuki xD

ah.. und vlt noch shinee- lucifer, ring ding dong, sherlock

mblaq- smoky girl, y, stay, mona lisa, its war, throw away, i wish you hadnt, agan, baby u, sexy beat, dress up

henry- trap

block b- 11:00, romantic

bts- no more dream

lc9- mama beat

vlt hilfts dr auch noch.. xD

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