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I still remember the first time,we looked at each other for a momentyou took my handsome people would call that love or happinessbut for me it was more than only thisI want to lie in your arms for another time againfeel your closenessyour closeness makes me addictedyour are like a drugI can not live without you

refrain: the hardest part of my life is to love you, I can not tell you because I don't have the braveness/courage for it. The jealousy is destroying me, when you are not with me. I'm afraid to lose you. Although I never had you

everybody sais, you love me, toothe things you did, were promisingbut then came the girlthat was standing between usbut you didn't see/ recognize her


every night I lie in my bedthinking about what had been happened if I told youit's too late, you don't love meI'm writing this song just for youplease don't forget me, (because) I love you

Übersetzung. Hab jetzt alles recht wörtlich übersetzt, hoffe das passt so :) LG, Fantasma

Super, ich finde du solltest weiter machen !!! MEGA LIKE :D

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