Lieder zum Thema Stress und Depressionen

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JIMI HENDRIX "Manic depression"

the eels, novocaine for the soul

the rolling stones, mother's little helper

the rolling stones, paint it black

bright eyes, laura laurent

the beatles, eleanor rigby

the beatles, for no one

tom waits, had me a girl

nina simone, whne you're down & out

morrisey, something is squeezing my skull

janis joplin, all is loneliness

die sterne, was hat dich bloss so ruiniert

tocotronic, nach bahrenfeld im bus

louis armstrong, black and blue

radiohead, creep

billie holiday (oder auch die interpretation von lydia lunch), gloomy sunday

travis, why does it always rain on me

garbage, I'm only happy when it rains

dar williams, after all

papa roach, black clouds

david bowie, ashes to ashes

soundgarden, black hole sun

the smiths, half a person

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