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Hier mal 1. Gruppe/Person und 2. dazu dann alle Songs, die ich gut finde:

2ne1 I love you, Clap your hands, Crush, Come back home, Try to follow me, Hate you, Falling in love, Do you love me

SNSD Kissing you, Genie, Flower power, All my love is for you, Mr Mr, Oh!, Into the new world, Show show show, Karma Butterfly

APink LUV, Mr Chu, BUBIBU, No no no, Hush hush

Secret I do I do, I'm in love, Madona

SISTAR I swear, Touch my body, give it to me, Loving U

KARA Step, Pandora, Mamma mia, Wanna

Lee Hiyori Amor mio, Bad girl, Miss Korea

Lee Hi 1 2 3 4, Rose

NU'EST Sleep talking, Face, Action, Not over you, Good bye bye, Storybook, Beautiful ghost

Chi Chi Love is energy, Longer, Don't play around

AOA Like a cat, Short hair, Elvis, Mini skirt

Crayon Pop Bing bing, Bar bar bar, Saturday night

DalShabet Have don't have, Big baby baby, Bling bling

Big Bang Blue, Fantastic baby, Lollipop part 2, Haru haru

Taeyang Wedding dress, I need a girl, Ringa linga

G-Dragon Crooked, Heartbreaker, Cup d'Etat, Crayon, Breath

Madtown YOLO, What's your number

4Minute Ready go, I my me mine, Whatcha doin today

Hyuna Icecream, Red, Bubble pop

T-ARA Lovey dovey, YAYAYA, Like for the first time, Why are you being like this, Day bay day, Little apple, Number 9, Roly Poly

f(x) Chu, La chata, Rum pum pum, Red light, Electric shock, Milk, Butterfly, Draclua

Taetiseo Twinkle, Holler

SISTAR19 Gone around not any longer, Ma boy

Girl's Day Hug me once, Female president, Expectation, Darling, Twinkle twinkle, I miss you, Look at me

Orange caramel Funny hunny, Bangkok city, My copycat, Gangnam Street, Magic cirl

Rainbow A, Sweet dreams, To me, Sunshine

Tiny-G Miss you, Ice baby, Tiny-G, Minimanimo

Tiny-G M The only one

Wonder Girls Like money, Like this, The DJ is mine

ANDAMIRO Hypnotize, 말고, Waiting

Sunny Hill Mondy morning blues, Here I am, Is the white horse coming, Midnight circus, Once in summer, Darling of all hearts

U-KISS Pandora, Doradora, Stop girl

Hello Venus Venus, Do you want some tea, What are you doing today

Brown Eyed Girls Kill bill, Sixth sense, Abracadabra

Berry Good Love letter

Spica Tonight, I did it

Stellar Mask

Hyomin Nice body

Was ich dir auch noch empfehlen kann sind die Remixe von Areia Creations die sind alle sehr gut

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Kommentar von mahaan
08.02.2015, 12:01

Danke ^-^ Das sind echt sehr viele Lieder ich werde sie mir mal gleich alle anhören ;D


SHINee : A-Yo, AMIGO, Colorful, Dream Girl, Everybody, Evil, Hello, Like a Fire, Love like Oxygen, Lucifer, Nightmare, Queen of New York, Ring Ding Dong, Sherlock, SHINe, Dangerous, Replay, Spoiler, Symptoms, The SHINee World, Why so serious, Dynamite (Die japanischen Lieder hab ich mal weggelassen)

F(x) : Chu, Dracula Electric Shock, Danger, Hot Summer, NU ABO, Red Light, La Cha Ta, Rum Pum Pum Pum, Milk

SNSD : Gee, I Got a Boy, Mr. Mr., Oh!, Run Devil Run, Soul, The Boys, Wait a Minute, Goodbye, So Nyuh Shi Dae

Super Junior : Break Down (Suju M), Evanesce, Mamacita, Mr. Simple, Sexy Free and Single, Shirt, Spy, A-Cha, Superman, Swing (Suju M), This is love, Twins, U, Perfection (Suju M), No other, Bonamana; Sorry, Sorry; Opera

2PM : I hate you, I'll be back, A.D.T.O.Y, Go Crazy, Heartbeat

4Ten : Tornado, Why

B.I.G : Hello, Are you ready?

Boys Republic : Dress Up, Video Game, You Are Special, Party Rock

EXO : Let out the Beast, XOXO, Wolf, Mama, History, Overdose, Thunder, Run

GOT7 : A; Girls, Girls, Girls, Stop stop it

Henry : Fantastic, 1-4-3 (I love you), Trap

JJCC : Oneway, Fire

LEDApple : Time is up, Someone met by chance, Who are you

MBLAQ : Be a Man, It's war, Mona Lisa, Oh Yeah, Y, Smoky Girl

M.Pire : Not that kind of Person, Can't be friend with you

MC Mong : Miss me or diss me, Indian Boy

Mr.Mr : Highway, Who's that girl

Nu'est : Action, Face, Good Bye Bye, Sleep Talking,Not over you, Big Deal

SPEED : Don't tease me, Zombie Party!, One Day, Why I'm not, Hey ma Lady

Epik High & Tablo : Flow, Don't hate me, Born hater; Tomorrow, Bad, Run

The Legend : Left out

Trouble Maker : Trouble Maker, Now

VIXX : Super Hero, Error, Voodoo Doll, Eternity, Rock Ur Body, On and On, Starlight, Hyde, G.R.8.U, Only U, Beautiful Killer, Sad Ending

Younique Unit : Maxstep

Zhoumi :Rewind

ZE:A : Here I am, Breathe, Phoenix

Kyuhyun . At Gwanghwamun

Madtown : YOLO

Brian Joo : Let this die

C-Clown : Justice, Let's love

Ailee : Don't touch me, Heaven, I will show you

Soo..das sind erstmal alle, die mir gerade einfallen. Wenn du noch mehr haben möchtest, kannst du mich ja gerne nochmal fragen ^^

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Kommentar von mahaan
12.02.2015, 18:45

Nein danke das sind erstmal genug vielen lieben dank ^-^


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