Konnt ihr mir den Text auf englisch korrigieren?

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Now I'll tell you something about Rita Oras childhood. When Rita was one and her sister three years old, their parents flew from the war in Kosovo to London. When they arrived in Great Britain, Rita and her sister were sent to the Children's Home without their parents. Soon after, her Mother had Breast Cancer for the second time. Worrying about her Mother, Rita insurged even more. When she was not successful with her music, she seemed to slip off even more. She had the feeling that she was the worst child. She was really bad at school and she did not know what her Mother had to deal with back then. Rita had nothing to do with drugs but she was surrounded by them.

So hätte ich es übersetzt. :)

Wie findet ihr meine halloween geschichte?

Wir hatten als englisch hausaufgabe auf, eine gruselige halloween geschichte zu schreiben. Wie findet ihr meine? ;) (ich weiß,sie ist nicht soo gruselig,aber ich wollte nicht das jmd. stirbt oder so xDD )

Can pumpkins be alive?

It was Halloween. Anne's room was dark,only a little light in the back of the room shone. Anne took her little knife a last time and made a final cut into her pumpkin wich was standing on her desk. She took out the piece of pumpkin wich had came off. Now the pumpkin had a face. Two eyes and a mouth with 5 teeth. The pumpkin looked angry. Anne opened the top of the pumpkin, wich she had scooped out. She took a little battery light in her hand, pressed the on button and put it into the pumpkin. She closed the pumpkin again. The eyes and mouth of the pumpkin glowed and suddenly the pumpkin moved. Anne was shocked. "Did I only imagine this?" She thought scared and closed her eyes. Anne opened her eyes and looked at the pumpkin again. It was standing still. "Phew" she was relieved. She turned away and looked out of the opened window next to her. A cold breeze came in. Outside it was already a bit dark. She saw something white passing. The person was wearing a ghost costume. "That looks pretty real!" She said to herself quietly. Then she heard a noise from nearby. "Oops?" she wondered. She looked at the pumpkin again. The pumpkin hovered a few centimeters above her desk. The remains of the pumpkin were still on the desk. "Am I dreaming?" She thought and took a step back,afraid. The pumpkin flew higher and came towards her. The girl walked backwards frightened. The pumpkin turned and flew through the window and out in the cold night. Anne was scared but she was curious too. So she ran out of the room and then out of the house door. "Where did my pumpkin go?" She wondered and walked along the street near her house. Then she heard screams far away. Anne ran towards the noises wich were getting louder. When she was there,she saw people in costumes running into their houses very scared. Then she saw her pumpkin a few meters away from her. She wanted to run away but she was unable to move. The pumpkin turned and came towards her slowly. Anne was shocked. She wished that she never had carved that pumpkin. The pumpkin was only a few footsteps away from her now. Suddenly she noticed that the light of the eyes and mouth of the pumpkin started to get weaker. Then there was darkness in the pumpkin. Anne was sure that the battery in the little lamp was empty so the eyes couldn't shine anymore.

Suddenly she woke up. It was the morning after Halloween. She was still scared. It took some time for her to realize that it only had been a nightmare. "Or maybe not" the girl thought. "What,if the pumpkin is still out there?"

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Klassenarbeit: Englisch Text

Hallo, da wir morgen eine Klassenarbeit schreiben, wollte ich fragen ob der Text okay sei. Es geht um einen Tagebuch-Eintrag & ich wollte fragen, ob die Formen richtig sind.


A diary entry

When Conchita was back from Space Camp, she had to made a talk about Space Camp. As we came into the class, they were unkind to her and called her stupid names. At recess she wasn’t go outside. Maybe some children were jealous, because she was allowed to make a scholarship in Space Camp. Next day, it was time for Conchita’s talk. Conchita started to talk and showed us her space suit. José shouted ‘Boring, boring …’ But most people in the class thought her talk was interesting and they decided to give her a chance. And Ms Morrison said who thinks her talk is boring, hands up. José, Pedro and Linda put their hands up. But I don’t put my hands up. After school Conchita was happy and we were friends again.

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Interpretation auf Englisch... Ist die hier ok? Könntet ihr die für mich korrigieren? :) Tipps?


The text „My best friend dumped me“ is written by Haylie. She is a girl from California. The text is telling about the end of the friendship between Samantha and Haylie. One day Samantha – Haylies best freind - had written a text message to Haylie, while Haylie was sitting at home, reading a magazine. Some time later, as Haylie read the message she was really shocked, because Samantha had written: „We can´t be friends anymore!“ At first Haylie didn´t know why she wanted to dump their friendship. She culdn´t understand it and was really confused and sad. She thought that she was a good friend to her and couldn´t understand why. She wrote back immediately and asked Samantha why she didn´t want to be her friend anymore... And then Samantha wrote a list to her with many reasons why. At first she was really mad, but after she calmed down, she could understand it. She had been very clingy and stuck like a glue on her... And she wished she could turn it back. She thought about why she was so clingy. She was so clingy, because she was scared to loose Samantha as her best friend. She was very popular at school since she was there as the new girl. Haylie had liked her right from the start, because she was friendly and down-to-earth. Haylie wished she hadn´t been as clingy as she was. But now it was really over. It was too late to change it. The next days she apologized and tried to tell Samantha why she was acting like this. But Samantha didn´t want to talk to her. She just ignored her. A few days later she talked tot her again. But now there was a wall between them. They were friends again. But no best freinds anymore. And she swore to be a better friend next time. She had learned from it and hopes, that other people also can learn from her mistakes. Her last sentece was: „Believe in my words, because it´s no fun being dumped by your best friend.“

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Summary A pair of jeans -> Bitte verbessern:)


Ich schreibe bald eine Englisch-Klausur über A pair of jeans und The black Madonna. Ich habe hier eine kurze Summary zu A pair of  jeans gemacht und würde euch bitten, diese inhaltlich(wenn die Kurzgeschichte bekannt ist) , grammatikalisch und von der Rechtschreibung her zu verbessern. (Ich habe auch noch ein Forum mit der anderen Kurzgeschichte geöffnet.

Miriam, a young pakestany women tried to have British and Muslim culture without giving up her identity. Her parents-in-law were shocked when they see her in western clothes. While Miriam turns to the traditional clothes her in-laws go earlier home than intended. They cancelled the arranged marriage. In the FIRST ending Miriam think that the modern clothes are the reason of her problem. In the SECOND ending Miriam decide to wear the western clothes and call Farook to discuss the situation.


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Wie findet ihr dieses selbst geschriebene Gedicht (auf Englisch)?

Welche Tipps könnt ihr mir geben? Was fandet ihr gut, was nicht?

(ps: sorry für die Rechtschreib-, Grammatikfehler; englisch ist nicht meine Muttersprache:)


I was twelve years old 

when I understood 

That she won’t come back

Every day I sat before my window

and looked outside

Waiting for her to 

Come back

But she didn’t 

Slowly, my tears fell down 

And touched the ground 

I was fifteen years old 

When I stood up of the ground 

And started to concentrate 

Although my head was still thinking of her,

My heart ached when I was looking at her photos

I knew that this was life

And that nothing and nobody was permanent 

I was twenty years old 

When I graduated from high school and entered college 

She - still in my heart

I was thirty years old 

When I met him 

And forgot her 

And loved him

I was forty years old 

When my child graduated from high school and left me for college

I was eighty years old 

When she came back with a huge smile

In her face

I couldn’t describe how happy I was to meet her again 

I was ninety years old

When I closed my eyes for an eternity 

She closed her eyes too, for a 

Second and a last time

She, my dear childhood passed away

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Summary bewerten bitte englisch

Hey, ich schreibe morgen ne Englisch Klausur, 11. Klasse, Summary. Ich hab hier mal probeweise eine geschrieben, zu der Geschichte ' Trouble with Mother ' , allerdings hab ich nur einen Teil der Geschichte, und zwar bis zu dem Teil, wo das Maedchen in die Disco geht. Wäre superlieb , wenn ihr mal drueberschauen könntet und es bewerten und verbessern könntet . Danke :)) : The Text ' the trouble with mother ' published in the magazine 'Jackie', June 15. 1991 tells the story of a girl which lives with their strict parents. First of his text the author explains the girls problem : her mother is very strict. The girl and her older sister ate only allowed to go out if their mother knows where they are and who they are seeing. Suzanne, the older sister, moves out because she wants to live with her boyfriend. Therefore the mother is even stricter than before and the younger sister has to live with the aftermaths of the movement. In the next part of the text the author goes on with the feeling of the younger daughter. She can't help feeling a little jealous because her sister is out of her mothers control. We are told that it seems like the mother lost trust in her daughter completely because she controls her stricter than ever before. Lastly, the daughter tells her mum that she wants to go do a disco this evening, tells her where it is, with whom she is going and when she comes back. The mother accepts that.

Danke :))

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