könntet ihr checken ob die markierten verben richtig gebildet sind?also ob es die richtige zeit ist?

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es muss heißen: in an area where he had never been before

This is the story of an explorer who went to Africa many years ago. One day, while he was walking through the African savanna, in an area where he has never been before, he suddenly met a lion. When the lion came towards him, he immediately felt very frightened, because he had never seen a lion in his life before. His heart began to beat faster, and he wondered what on earth he could do. Then he remembered his gun. “Good I didn't forget to take it when I left the village this morning!” he thought “I have never killed an animal yet, but now I have no choice. I will shoot the lion! Then everything will be OK.” But unfortunately he shaked so much that he couldn’t use the gun. “Oh dear, if I won't do something soon, that lion will eat me!” he said to himself. “I know what I will do - I will get down on my knees and say my prayers. Perhaps God will hear me.” So he went down on his knees and shut his eyes. After he had been in this position for a few minutes and nothing happened, he looked up out of the corner of his eye. To his great surprise, he saw the lion on its knees, too. The animal’s eyes were shut and – the man had to look twice...

lesuab 11.11.2010, 16:38

M.E. nur 3 Fehler noch:

  • "in an area where he has never been before": "had never been before" (vorzeitig)

  • "and he wondered what on earth he could do": "was wondering what" (dauert eine Weile)

  • "But unfortunately he shaked so much": "he was shaking so much" (dauert eine Weile)

Es gäbe schon noch Verbesserungsvorschläge, aber das geht dann doch zu weit.


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