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My name is Clemens and I was on holiday in Tirol in Kufstein. Kufstein is a very popular and little village that has a lake calles Hinterthiersee. You can do many things there. For example you can go swimming in the lake. In my opinion the Hinterthiersee is one of the most beautiful lakes that I’ve ever seen. As result we stayed in Kufstein for four nights. Almost every day we went mountain walking. On the third day we couldn’t go for a walk, because the weather was really bad. On the summit of every mountain we had lunch. It was really tasty, I have to say. For the rest of my holiday I stayed at home, watched some movies and studied for the next school year. I also met my friends and we went for lunch or we went dancing to a disco or to the cinema. I watched many action movies because this is the type of movie that I like. At the end of my holiday I went with a good friend of mine to the so called Attersee. There we met a good girlfriend of ours and we went sailing with her. I also tried surfing but I can’t do it as well as three years ago, when I learned surfing at the Millstätter See. The Attersee was very beautiful at that day and i swam the whole there in it.

In the end I want to say, that my holiday was really relaxing and cool!

Clemens Wolfmair

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