Könnte mir Bitte jemand diese englisch Bewerbung korrigieren?

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My name is Lilly Schuetz and I'm almost 16 years old. I live in Austria and I am visiting the XY school in Innsbruck.

Our school prescribes a internship in the timescale from the XY to the XY.

I want to effect this internship in england because I want to improve my english and get impressions from an other culture.

I bake with passion so I want to make my internship in a confectioner.

I hope for getting impressions into the occupation confectionist and to enhance my baking-skills.

I am writing to you because I heared from your excellent reputations and I am fascinated from your pastry products.


Thanks for your attention and i would welcome your response.

Sincerely, L. Schuetz.

Das sollte es ungefähr sein.

Englisch Verbesserung (Future Plans)

Guten Tag.. 😊 Morgen muss ich über meine Pläne für die Zukunft reden auf englisch. Ich würde mich sehr freuen wenn ihr meinen Text verbessern würdet oder mir tipps dazu geben könntet. 😊

My plans for the future are a good job, a big family and to be happy. I want to fly to London because i would like to see the London bridge and New York Because New York is a wonderful City.

Thank you for your Attention. I hope you enjoyed my speech.

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Letter of motivation - kann jemand probelesen?

Hallo, Ich wurde bei einer Organisation für Freiwilligendienste im Ausland angenommen und jetzt muss ich mich bei den einzelnen Einsatzstellen bewerben. Dafür muss ich jeweils ein englisches Motivationsschreiben verfassen. Das erste habe ich jetzt fertig, jedoch habe ich mit damit echt schwergetan. Kann es vielleicht jemand probelesen und Verbesserungsvorschläge geben?

Das würde mir echt helfen und vielen Dank schon einmal im Vorraus. Habt keine Hemmungen so zu kritisieren, wie ihr es für richtig haltet.

Letter of motivation

Dear Ms XXX,

Hereby I apply for a position within your volunteer programm. My name is XXX and I am 18 years old. Currently, I am doing my Abitur, which is similar to the British A-Levels, at the XXX, a compehensive school in XXX, Germany.

After school, I would love to visit Amsterdam on the one hand to improve my personal soft skills, including learning a new language, experiencing a new lifestyle, living an more independant life, and taking reponsebility. One might suppose that there are no cultural differences between Germany and the Netherlands because they are so close, but I think, that I will get to know quite a different culture. On the other hand I want to do something usefull, something not only I will benefit from.

As working at a school contains a lot of work with children, it is very interesting for me and I really want to support your project. I already have some experience in working with children. The village I used to live in organises troughout the year different events for children, for example hiking or forest days and different handicraft activities. I was often involved in these events and helped to look after the children.

The fact that your school association is based on the Waldorf Pedagogy catched my interest in doing my voluntary service at the XXX with finality. In my opinion Waldorf Pedagogy is a really good form of educating children. This is why I want to learn more about it and I would like to experience it. I, for myself, have never been at an school like this but about three years ago I changed to the school I am recently at. That had an big impact on me because it is an school which focuses on the students to evolve their own personality. So I want to become a part of a team which allows children to evolve as the person they are and which benefits their creativity and other skills they are willing to learn.

I am not only good in interacting with children, but also I can do office work. In 2013, I had an 3-Week internship as clerk in public administration which came naturally to me. Additionaly I am always geared up to deal with something. It is no bother for me if I have to sweep the yard or to carry out repairs.

I would be very happy if I could do my volunteer service at the XXX and I think that I am suitable for this place of assignment.

Yours sincerely

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Englisch Referat berichtigen?

Hey ihr Menschis da draußen :D

Meine Freundin und ich werden bald ein Referat über das Thema Disney halten und wir haben Probleme beim Kürzen des Textes und sind uns nicht sicher, ob die Grammatik und der Sinn stimmt. Wenn ihr euch den Text mal durchlest was fällt euch zu folgenden Punkten auf?

Welche "Sätze/Themen" sind....

1) ... sind uninteressant?

2) ...sind nicht wichtig/könnte man weglassen?

3) ...grammatikalisch gesehen unkorrekt?

4) ...unlogisch/unverständlich?

Ich weiß, es ist viel gefordert, aber unsere Eltern können uns auch schlecht helfen. Wenn euch das mit den ganzen Punkten zu kompliziert ist, könntet ihr auch einfach einen langen Fließtext schreiben, wo ihr sozusagen alles direkt verbessert (das wäre sogar noch besser). Vielen Dank jetzt schonmal, und wenn ihr keine Lust habt alles zu machen, dann nennt wenigstens einen Satz, das hilft uns auch weiter ;) !

LG E1l33n

PS: Der Text ist im Anhang (Das sind Bilder, anders war es nicht möglich) und wir haben noch andere Themen in unsrem Referat, aber uns interessiert momentan nur der Text.

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Hallo, ich habe am Dienstag meine mündliche Prüfung und wollte mal fragen ob hier jemand vielleicht meinen Text kontrollieren kann?

Today I want tell you something about Holidays. Personally when i get older I don't like travel to other countries because i'm so far away from my friends and i'm afraid to missing out important things. Anyway I travel with my family to different countries, in early life i travel to the Netherlands on a camping ground i can't tell anything about the trip because I can't remember. At the age of 6 i was in Turkey with my hole family, we were in Antalya we stay for 2 weeks. That was a nice time for me and everyone was happy. The hotel was so nice and we had such a great time together. There are so funny memories for example I was afraid of a taxi and we must drive with it to came to the city and it was a party taxi and my mother was sitting next to me and i said "mom you can move closer to me" i said this because i was so afraid. The weather was nice it was very hot and because of this i can't eat so much i dont know why and when we go to the dinner i'm only eating 5 or 6 pieces of melon. That was such a great time. When i was 14 I travel for the second time to turky and we were in the same Hotel, i was with my uncle and my aunt and 2 friends from my uncle. That was a nice time too, but I have noticed that something isn't good, i miss my friends and after four days or so i want back home because they told me on Whatsapp so great things what they did and that sounds so funny. But all in all it was a great trip to turkey. At the age of 15 my mom asks me whether I want to go to Italy with her and her partner. And i must be honest I have advised 2 weeks and asks my friends would you travel to italy if you were me and they said Joyce why you are thinking about that? Yes of course i would travel.. At the end my desicion was yes and i must say that i had a great time in Italy.. We drive with a bike trough the city, we took part in a guided tour of the city Sienna. And we saw many sights for example the leaning tower of pisa. In the easter Holidays i will travel to the north sea with my family and my best friend Joan. And i'm very glad because Joan is with us. And in the Summer Holidays i will travel to turkey with my mother and her partner, i hope we have a great time and i wont miss my friends so hardly. For me the best holidays were the summer holidays because you mustn't think on school and the wheather is actually nice. And when i dont travel to other countries i'm only on the way with my friends. We go swimming, or make a picnic sometimes we camping in the garden. All in all i can say that i love holidays.

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Bewerbung Auslandspraktikum - Motivationsschreiben?

Hallo zusammen!

Im kommenden Oktober werde ich wahrscheinlich ein Auslandspraktikum in Irland absolvieren. Daher würde ich gerne um Rückmeldungen für das Motivationsschreiben haben, damit es möglichst korrekt ist:

Dear Sir or Madam,

I would like to introduce myself as a proper candidate for an internship abroad in Ireland and illustrate my motivation in the following:

Currently I am doing my apprenticeship as an industrial clerk at the xxx group GmbH.

The possibility of making practical experiences in your company provoked my interest because it is a perfect way to improve my language-skills on the one hand and to get to know the Irish culture and tradition on the other.

As my CV indicates, I enjoy learning foreign languages. I possess very good English-skills in speech and writing as well as basic French and Spanish skills. Furthermore, I am very interested in different cultures and traditions as I already made good experiences by taking part in a 4-week exchange program to Adelaide, Australia in 2013.

The second topic I am very interested in and which I hope to learn more about by serving an internship is business and economics. Since my early youth I am interested in this topic so I made for example a 2-week internship at a travel agency in 2012. During this internship, I had to deal with many types of customers and realize different commercial tasks. Additionally, I decided to intensify my economic- and business knowledge by doing an apprenticeship as an industrial clerk.

I am very reliable, thorough and communicative. Furthermore I enjoy facing new challenges and getting to know new people, so I am very sure that I will be a huge benefit to your company.

I would be very grateful to be given the opportunity to be part of your company. I am looking forward to visit you soon in Ireland.

Thank you for considering my application and I’m looking forward to your response.

Yours sincerely

Sollte da auch noch was von meiner Schulbildung rein und wie sieht das grammatikalisch aus? Vielen Dank im Voraus! :)

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Kann mir jemand diese Bewerbung für eine Bildungsreise nach England korrigieren?

Hier der Text:

I am writing to you to express my interest in the offer to take part in an educational journey to England. I believe, I have the right qualifications for the excursion to England, because I am able to speak and write in English nearly fluent and I improved my English skills multiple times during vacations abroad. Because I may want to study abroad someday, it would be a unique chance to visit the Oxford University to get an impression of studying in the United Kingdom, but I am also very interested to learn more about the British culture and history.

I believe after you have reviewed my application you will see that I possess the required skills. I am looking forward to hear soon about the results. Thank you for your time and consideration.

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