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The film „American Snipe” by Clint Eastwood is based on a true
story. Chris Kyle was born in Texas; his father is very strict and hits
his children’s. He wants to teach them to defend
themselves and help weak people. As a child Chris went hunting animals with his Dad even though he is really young he shows great skills with the
rifle. Being a young man Chris is a professional rodeo rider. After he
saw the terror attack on the US embassy in Africa he decides to join the
military. During the apprenticeship he met his girlfriend and later wife, Taya. After his war education as a sniper he has his first
military intervention in Iraq. His first shoot that he fired is on a
little boy that has a grenade in his hand. The boy tries to throw the
grenade on a tank of americans. Before he throws it Chris decides to
shoot him in the chest. After one minute the mother comes and tries to
pick up the grenade but she also gets shot in the chest. After a short
time Chris is a „Legend“ in the american army because he has more kills
than all deployed american snipers together. After each military
intervention he visits his family and his friends. Chris got more and more quiet every time he came back from Iraq. He cant really unwind
from the war. The relationship with his family and with his friends is
getting worse after every military intervention. In the war many friends
of Chris are getting killed by an enemy sniper. He sets his own goal to
kill this enemy sniper. In his fourth military intervention Chris takes
a risk by killing the enemy sniper but with that he also reveals the position of his pals. The troop gets out of the war zone after a long gunfight. After
four military interventions Chris returns to his family in the USA.
Because he can’t unwind from the war and the thought about the pals that died he’s searching for a psychiatrist. The
psychiatrist suggest him to help other combat veterans. After the
conversation Chris goes with a disturbed combat veteran to a gun range
where he gets killed by him.

Ich garantiere  nicht zu 100% für die Richtigkeit, aber so hätte ich es geschrieben.

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meint man mit "beat" schlagen im Sinne von Musik ?  

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Einige Fehler. Ein Beispiel „Beats his children's." Seriously?^^

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22.12.2015, 14:29

Danke für die Antwort :P


Heißt Film nicht eigentlich Movie?

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