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The black hole

(...) So I was standing there, waiting for my photocopy to come out of the machine. When it finally came out, I was somewhat confused because it wasn't the document I wanted. It was just a white piece of paper with a black hole in the middle. Without thinking I put it on the table next to me. Then I looked  for the document in the scanner, but it wasn't there. So I gave up on that and had a coffee. After finishing my coffee I put the cup to the table and it disappeared in the black hole. It was simply gone. There wasn't anything left in my hand. My hands went into the hole and pulled the plastic cup back. Completely surprised I held the sheet of paper paper in front of me and put my hand through again. It disappeared. Nothing could be  seen from outside. No hand. The black hole had made my hand disappear.
I thought things over to find out what I should do with this possibility and decided to put the piece of paper on the vending machine to take out a bar of chocolate. It worked. I could sellotape it everywhere. And that was the point when I had the best idea ever. What if I could sellotape it to the strongroom and take all the money out? So I went to the strongroom and put the piece of paper on the door. I put my hands through it, grabbed all the dollar bills I could get and took them out through the black hole. It was easy. It is was what I had always wanted. As I was so fascinated with my work and without even noticing I went through the hole with my whole body to take even more money out.
Suddenly the sellotape dropped from the strongroom door. I couldn't imagine what was happening. The dollar bills were outside the vault and I was sitting inside. No chance to get out of here on my own. Fear was creeping up inside of me.
But what was that horrible noise? The alarm clock was ringing and I already heard my mother's voice calling me from the kitchen ...

Habe dir ein paar Stellen ein bisschen umgeschrieben. So klingt der Text für mich logischer.
Ich weiß nicht, ob du mein Ende magst ... ;-))

Insgesamt war deine Idee schon nicht schlecht. Man kann in so einer Geschichte wirklich relativ viele Zeiten unterbringen.

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03.11.2016, 19:44

Dankeschön. ☺

Korrektur:  I put the cup on/onto the table


ich muss sagen das ist eine echt coole Geschichte :) vor allem wenn man es sich bildlich vorstellt :)

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