Könnte jemand meine beiden Sätze auf Fehler überprüfen?

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I'm thinking of smth. = ich denke an etwas

I'm thinking about doing smth. = ich überlege etwas zu tun (/habe es vor aber bin noch nicht sicher ob ich es tun werde)

Je nachdem was du halt sagen wolltest. Also denkst du nur an die Tätigkeit (dann passts) oder überlegst du, ob du einen Englisch Kurs besuchen willst? (-> mit about)

Generell würde ich sagen to take English lessons/classes/an English couse. Weil to attend ja mehr das Hingehen/dort sein an sich ist und nicht allgemein den Kurs buchen.

Beim zweiten Satz ist mir nicht klar, was mit piece gemeint ist, das müsstest du spezifizieren.

Sonst passts :)

Danke für die ausfürliche Antwort! 


glaub piece war in dem sinne von stück schreiben gemient so wie z.b: Ich habe ein theaterstück oder so


Mit "piece" meine ich ein komponiertes Lied also ohne Gesang


Dann würde ich sagen composed a piece of music, wrote a composition, wrote a piece of music, etc. 

Den piece kann wie du siehst alles sein :)


Nein, "I'm thinking of attending an English course" ist auch möglich, genau wie "about".

Beim "piece" bin ich deiner Meinung.


Zusätzlicher Hinweis:

-"I'm thinking of attending a": 175.000 Google-Treffer

-"I'm thinking about attending a": 10.600 Google-Treffer


-"I'm thinking of attending a": Ich schaetze ich werde den Kurs machen

-"I'm thinking about attending a": ich denke ueber die Teilnahme an einem Kurs nach, mal schaun....


1. Perfekt

2. Ich wuerde piece mit piece of music, tune oder track ersetzen



Dein erster Satz ist völlig in Ordnung.

Aber bei "piece" solltest du vielleicht besser "piece of music" (oder Ähnliches) schreiben.

Gruß, earnest



Eure Meinung zu meinem Essay - Happiness

Ich habe ein Essay geschrieben und würde gerne eure Meinung dazu wissen. Auf fehlerhinweise würde ich mich auch freuen. What is “happiness”? Since of the start of the human being, people were trying to reach happiness! In the different episodes of history, there were different ways for being happy. In today's world, we have many ways to achieve our happiness which depends on the personal perspective of every individual. In general, we can say that happiness is the inner state of well-being and satisfaction.

Let's start with something people like to discuss about. Do we need a high living standard, money, expensive cars and big mansions to be happy? Many people say that money does not play any role on how happy someone is. Away from this question, we have to know first, what happiness really is. If happiness is the inner state of well-being and satisfaction, then it has to come from inside. Every individual has his own emotions, his way of thinking and spiritual values. That means that no one can really say what happiness is and what happiness is not. Back to our question, if happiness does not depends on how much money you have, rich people might also be happy because they have a lot of money. For some people money is more important then humans and they love their cars and big villas more then people with who they can share their live. Satisfaction with that what they are and what they have is it what they need to be happy.

In direct comparison to the first argument and to the first definition of happiness we can take people who have a family, wife, children, or just people who means a lot to the person. Do they have to be happy? Maybe! They can be the kind of people who thinks that he do not need a lot of things around him, but a lot of humans who love him and of course he also might be not happy like the example in the first part of this essay. He might be a “things-lover”. So happiness always comes from the inner state of people and accords to the personal perspective of an individual. In psychology it is able to influence this inner state by hypnosis. If hypnosis can look into the inner state of people and change it, happiness and unhappiness must be something that we decide. We decide, whatever condition we are in, if we are happy or not.

In conclusion happiness is like we saw by examples of two different people nothing that we an define or decide, if someone is happy or not. It is not the money we have or the family and the people around us. It is what we think we need and what we think we do not need. We can change it whenever we want from an unhappy life to a happy and beautiful life or conversely.

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most people, most of people, most of the people?

most of the people... ist falsch, oder? most people... ist richtig, oder? Nur was ist mit : most of people... Danke jz schon

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Englisch Prüfung, Martin Luther King

Guten Morgen erstmal, Ich hab demnächst meine Englisch Prüfung mein Thema Martin Luther King, ich hab die ersten Teile der Prüfung in der Schule geschrieben dort bekomme ich auch Hilfe dabei, bei den letzten teil den ich geschrieben habe, waren bereits Ferien und keiner hat es sich angeguckt. Ich tue mich sehr schwer in den sprachlichen Fächern und jetzt möchte ich euch bitten mal rüber zuschauen und auch die gravierenden Fehler zu korrigierten

Danke für eure Zeit und euer Aufwand :)

His work brought decisive success in the equality of blacks, after the large protests in 1963 were 2 decision duck passed laws. in 1964 the "Civil Rights Act" racial segregation in any state of the United States was thus officially prohibited in all areas. This means that blacks and the white is no longer retained by the public as Minder finished. Thus they may, for example. On the bus there again sat where they want and do not separate from other people, and they are not obliged to others to give their place if they require it. In the same year he was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.

A year later, the US Congress passed the "Voting Rights Act", which canceled all restrictions on the right to vote for blacks. This means that citizens of color are free to choose and may themselves steal the election.

Although Martin Luther King was the situation for blacks much improved with its use, we must not forget that even today many people with prejudices, exclusion, hostility and discrimination are struggling. Although they are equal before the law, but the reality is often different. Furthermore, much more black Americans living in the US relatively poor and can not afford a good education. In powerful positions and political office still dominates the white population. Especially for many African Americans the election of Barack Obama as the first black US president was therefore of great importance. But Martin Luther King's speech from 1963 still remains the dream of a world as it could be one day

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Mündliche Englische Prüfung ist das richtig?

Ich hab jetzt bald meine englische Prüfung über Rassismus und hab das was ich sagen möchte schon mal vorgeschrieben, weil ich sehr schlecht Englisch kann. Da sind sehr viele Fehler drin. Könnte mir wohl jemand helfen?

As everywhere in the world, Racism is an important topic in the USA. The definition of racism is when a person or group is discriminated because of race, religion, sex or national origin. Even though Racism is illegal in the USA, it is still present. Blacks, gays and lesbians wrote on Twitter and Facebook of threats and attacks. In New York people found a graffiti with the label “white power again“. Minorities claim that white policemen shoot unarmed blacks allegedly because of their color and complain that they remain unpunished and protected by their superiors.

A good example of racism is the movie called Blind Side. When Mike came into the new class, he was looked at strangely by everyone because he was different. Even the small children ran away from him, because they were frightened. The mother of SJ had a bad feeling when Mike stayed overnight.The friends of SJ's  mother talked bad about Mike and the area from which he came.

Ich habe das mal so einigermassen  korrigiert. Allerdings weiß ich nicht was du mit "quarter" meinst - Vielleicht Viertel?-  Quarter oder Quarters ist die Wohnung- aber üblicherweise Militärwohnung-deshalb "area"

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Brauche eure Hilfe in English, da ich einen Text über teenage millionaire geschrieben habe?

könntet ihr meinen Text kontrollieren denn ich geschrieben habe und mich versuche zu verbessern und würde mich über eure Hilfe sehr freuen und bedanke mich schon im Voraus.

Today I will speak about teenage millionaire?

Can a teenager takeover the full responsibility for the whole money? First, the money makes you addicted after a while and then you try to buy everything that you like, but this can lead to the fact that you get into debt and do not come out anymore and have bought the money for unnecessary things like drugs or things you again economical. 

Another aspect is that one has no real friends because of any money, but fake friends who stand behind the money and are not interested in you and want to profit only from you. It is nice to be rich because one can afford the things which one wanted long. A study suggests that this makes you addicted and no more can stop.

They also help friends who cannot afford things which so desire and there are not all greedy for money. I mean, of course, you can buy everything that you can buy that doesn´t make you always happy. I don't like rich kids because they are selfish. 

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Es ist ein kleiner Text über Kalifornien , bitte Korrektion und Bewertung

Now I would really like to tell you something about the disadvantages and the advantages in "The Golden State" California. At first I woud really like to begin with the disadvantages for exampe the crime rate and the homelessness are very represented there due to in the last years there were lots of earthquakes. After the disadvantages I going to elucidate about the advantages for example In California there are lots of beautiful National Parks like Sequoia or Yosemite National Park. One of the useful advantages is that one of the world wide films industry are in California. The California farming industries are playing an important role in because they sell fruits all over the world. Kann mir jemand ein gutes ende sagen

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