Könnte jemand ein minecraft dialog schreiben für drei Personen? (Englisch)?

Über welche Themen?


Um was genau soll es aber gehen?

Was man im Spiel machen kann

Was hindert dich daran ihn selbst zu schreiben?

Ich kann nicht englisch schreiben

2 Antworten

1: Hello .......

2: Hi .........

1: What are you doing today?

2: Oh. Im playing some Minecraft Bedwars because I have found a friend here.

1: Cool. What is his/her name?

2: You can ask him yourself. Im in a call with him.

1: Hello. Whats your name?

3: My name is ....... Hi

1: Are you good in bedwars?

3: yeah of course. Should i tell you how it works?

1: Yes it would be really nice.

3: At first ( ich nehme einfach mal hypixel) you get iron and gold. With this you can buy stuff in the shop. Then you defend your bed and attack other teams. You have to destroy their beds so your enemies can no longer respawn. But you have to watch out. If your bed get destroyed you also no longer respawn if you die.

1: Wow. Really cool game.

2: ....... is a expert in Minecraft.

1: Can I play with you?

2 and 3: Of course very much./ No we dont like to play with noobs like you ( beide lachen grausam)

Was möchtest Du wissen?