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That Gandhian nonviolent action against the colonialists could be "blown off" whenever there signs of violence, no matter from which side, was, worked for many very attractive. However, they had to realize that they risked their lives even in nonviolent actions. So found the Amritsar massacre on April 13, 1919 Hundreds of death, more than a thousand were injured. At the time it was all over the country large-scale demonstrations, which called the Congress party. The massacre occurred in a walled park. The only escape was, blocked by the soldiers, who opened fire against the non-violent demonstrators. Since Gandhi joined in the liberation struggle repeatedly on the brakes (as in the early twenties, when his strike movement of the working class went too far), he contributed to an extension of the colonial period - and thus a continuation of tyranny - in. Ultimately, he stood on the side of the 500 million Indians against the 100,000 British occupation forces. But his goal was only the liberation of the British foreign rule - so the Indian capitalists and feudal lords, not the working and oppressed masses could take power. At the same time had to Gandhi's glorification of the past exacerbate the split between Hindus and Muslims (before the arrival of the British and Muslims) and his appeal to Hinduism, even though Gandhi is not intended. Make a call to the common class interests of workers or farmers, regardless of the religion, he refused. So not an Indian state became independent, but India and Pakistan, accompanied by a bloody civil war with hundreds of thousands dead and more than ten million refugees, followed by several wars between the two states that threaten each other with nuclear weapons today.

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"It was attractive for a lot of people that Ghandi's acts, which were free of violence, against colonizers, could often be cancelled when there was any sign of violence, no matter what side those signs came from. Still, they had to take into account that they were each and every time risking their lives, whether their acts were free of violence or not. It was due to this risk that hundreds of people were massacred, more than one thousand injured, in Amritsar on April 13th, 1919. At this time, huge country-wide protests took place that were even promoted by the leading party. The massacre took place in a park, surrounded by walls. The only path to flee through was blocked by soldiers who fired at the peacefully protesting people. Since Gandhi often disrupted the war of freedom (e.g. in the early 1920s when the protests of the laborers went too far for Gandhi) he played a heavy role in the extension of the colonial era and thus the reign of violence. Although he stood by the side of 500 Million Indians against 100.000 British occupation forces, his goal was actually the end of the British foreign domination so that India's capitalists and feudal lords could gain back their powers, not the working class and suppressed masses of people. At the same time, Gandhis worship of the past (before the arrival of the British and Muslims) and his plea to Hinduism supported the widening split of Hindus and Muslims, even though this was not Gandhis intention. Still, he refused to plea for a common class interest for workers or farmers, independent of their religion. The result of all this is not an independent Indian state, but rather India and Pakistani, accompanied by a brutal civil war with hundreds of thousands of deaths and over 10 million refugees, followed by several wars against both states who, today, threaten themselves with atomic weaponry."

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