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Für diejenigen, die an Gott glauben, werden die meisten großen Fragen beantwortet. Aber für diejenigen von uns, die die Formel Gottes nicht akzeptieren können, bleiben die großen Antworten nicht in Stein geschrieben. Wir passen uns neuen Bedingungen und Entdeckungen an. Wir sind geschmeidig. Liebe muss kein Befehl oder Glaube ein Diktum sein. Ich bin mein eigener Gott. Wir sind hier, um die Lehren der Kirche, des Staates und unseres Erziehungssystems zu verlernen. Wir sind hier, um Bier zu trinken. Wir sind hier, um den Krieg zu töten. Wir sind hier, um über die Chancen zu lachen und unser Leben so gut zu leben, dass der Tod zittern wird,



Kann jemand gut Englisch und diesen kurzen Text überlesen?

Hey, ich muss meiner Lehrerin einen Comment schreiben, per email. Hab da noch was dazu geschrieben. Wär nice wenn das jemand der gut englisch spricht das durchliest und mir sagt, ob es Fehler gibt/man was verbessern könnte und die Email angemessen für einen Lehrer ist.

Dear Mrs. , I was not sure if you wanted us to write the comment just about that text in the book (with a introduction and details about the text). So I just wrote my opinion down on that topic and included some of the arguments in the text.

Writing a comment – Young people in a multifaceted society

Many people think that our generation is anti-social, lazy and always on their phone. That might be true in some cases, but you can’t stereotype everyone just because of some people. Like every generation, there are lots of different kids and kind of people. There are extremes in every way. Teenagers steal, take drugs, don’t go to school and commit crimes, but also learn everyday more, get good grades, volunteer or work for charities, want to try new things and take part in demonstrations.

In every generation you can find similar people, but others describe and see us the way the mass acts. Most of us are insecure and don’t know how to deal with changes, their life in general and the expectations of their parents, families and friends. We are trying to grow up like every human before us, questioning our existence, purpose and matter of life.

The Internet, (social) media and the digitalisation in general make these questions particularly important. We have the opportunity to share our opinion with a great mass, but we also can influence them and in reverse, without us noticing it.

Such a conflict is new to humanity, there might be similarities to other problems in worlds history but we don’t know where to set limits or make rules for it. We are unsure about what is wrong and what is right, especially in this case, so many people don’t know what to think about a lot of important topics. Some try to make things legit, using the arguments (of different philosophies). They don’t think or even care about nature, animals or humans, their lives or rights. Since generations we are destroying the earth and taking all the resources, not caring about the people that will be born in the future and will have to deal with all the trouble and problems that we caused.

That sounds pretty pessimistic, but it’s the truth. In my opinion, the only main things improving with our generation and what we are changing right now are discrimination, sexism, racism and so on. Maybe we are far away from getting equality and the same (human) rights for everyone in the world, but at least we have the luck to be in the position to have a good(?) education and the access to a massive amount of information (Internet, library, school). (geht weiter in den Antworten)

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Global Warming comment

ich habe ein comment über gloabel warming geschrieben...brauche ich für eine englischarbeit. Ist das comment so okay und das englisch? Habe es mit einem Freund geschrieben..

The question of global warming has long been a point of argument between scientists. Are we really threatened? Is mankind purposely destroying our planet? If so, is it too late to save it or is the climate change natural and outside of our power to change? Is it just a conspiracy? I will answer these questions in the following paragraphs.

One reason to worry is the fact that through global warming the Arctic glaciers are melting and causing the loss of the natural habitats of natural wildlife of the area such as the polar bears. But the opposite is true, the polar bear population has grown from 5000 in 1950 to approximately 25,000. Through this we can clearly see that the polar bears are not in danger of becoming endangered species. How are things looking with our atmosphere? Through the enormous amount of carbon dioxide being produced by our factories, as well as our wasteful lifestyles, many scientists claim that we have increased the size of the hole in the ozone layer. They are blaming mankind for putting so many pollutants into the troposphere which is causing the planet the heat up.

Habe keine Zeichen mehr frei, deswegen kommt die Fortsetzung als Antwort.

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Könnt ihr bitte meinen englischen Bericht zur Klassenfahrt berichtigen?


ich habe einen Bericht zu unserer Klassenfahrt nach Berlin geschrieben. Dieser müsste noch berichtigt werden, damit ich mir nichts falsches angewöhne. Wäre echt nett, wenn ihr das eben schnell erledigen könntet.

Hier der Text:

Our class trip to berlin goes from XXth to the XXth September, ´14 to the capital of Germany – berlin. Our bus started at 7 o´clock by bus. We arrived at 16 o´clock after some stressful hours in our hostel in XXXXX. After we had arrived there, we furnished our room and unpacked our luggage. That took nearly one hour. When we had finished that, we met our class in front of the entrance and drove to the city to eat something.
Next day, we had a lot of free time which spent in city to drink a Frappuccino by Starbucks. We had explored the next Mc Donald´s with some delicious burgers too. This day wasn’t very exciting. On Wednesday we went very hectically to the Bundestag early in the morning. There was a mistake between Mr. Mustermann and the management so we got a new earlier appointment. We were listen to a session and met Dennis Rohde and took a photo together after that. This was a little special thing at the class trip. Some free time was following on this event. Our teachers booked a leadership in the afternoon. We took many photos and learned lots of history in berlin. We saw special buildings, churches and the Brandenburger Tor. In the evening we went to the Musical of Udo Lindenberg “Hinterm Horizont” and ate pizza in restaurant. On Thursday we took a visit at a natural history museum place in the afternoon. We were “allowed” to see the stuffed polar bear Knut and many other wild stuffed animals. I must confess that it wasn’t very exciting for me. After we had visited the museum and a lot of free time we drove to the zoo palace (cinema) to watch the film “whoamI” inside a very empty hall. On Friday we drove back to school in a further stressful way. Finally it was an excited class trip and a nice experience.

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Englisch Text Korrigieren Bitte um Hilfe!

Hallo, Könntet ihr Bitte mein Englisch Text Korrigieren ???

     Trip to London                 

My First Day in London

In the last summer holidays my family and I went to London. We went there by plane. After 4 hours we arrived. The airfield was very big. We drive to de Corinthia Hotel It looks wondeful. We visited many sights. On the first day, we went to the Hyde Park to picnic and we made a boat travel on the Serpentine lake. Subsequent, we visited the Madame Tussauds. There are a lot of pictures of the Waxworks of Madonna, Shakira etc. After that we went to the Buckhing Palace.The Buckhing Palace is the Queen's official and main royal London home, I found it boring. Later We went promptly to the Big Ben because the Big Ben looks Fantastically. Than we were on the London Eye. You got a great view of London from up there, because it's 135 m tall.
The ticket costs 29,95 £ for adults and 19,95 £ for children.25 people can had a seat in one basket.One rotation takes thirty minutes. Where it got dark we went to the London Dungeon but there was a long queue and then we went to the Dinner by Heston Blumenthal and ate there Chicken oysters, salsify, marrow bone & horseradish cream It was very nice.

The Service was Great and There was a event with many people and a Big stage with a famous singer. I think the Singer is very Good. Later we went to the Tower of London, The Tower of London is in the city centre. The ticket costs 18 £ for adults and 9.50 £ for children. Inside the fortress, you can see the Crown Jewels, armours and the menagerie.Than we went with a cab to the Corinthia Hotel and I wait of the next day.

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English Article: Generation Z

Guten Abend liebe Community!

Ich musste in Englisch einen kurzen Artikel (ca. 250 Wörter) schreiben und habe jetzt auf die schnelle einen verfasst. Bin mir jetzt aber nicht wirklich sicher, ob der auch so halbwegs in Ordnung ist. Passenden Titel hab ich noch keinen gefunden. Habe mich manchmal ziemlich schwer getan, auch mit Wörterbuch, die richtigen Phrasen und Wörter zu finden. Die Lehrerin sagte, wir sollen den Aufsatz versuchen möglichst informell zu schreiben um die Leserschaft zu erreichen. Bitte um schnelles Feedback. Vielen Dank!


What about the youth of today? Are we lazy as adults are always telling us or has our generation no hopes for future? Some of our parents do not understand our situation and worries. The matriculation is one of our great fears what generation ‘grey hair’, honestly, doesn’t really understand. As the school is not challenging enough, we have to cope with familiar, social and other difficulties and for some of us it is even worse.

A difficult family background or to be socially excluded are problems we might have to face in our life. To be in trouble with your parents, to lose a best friend can beat you to your knees and take your self-confidence and perspective. No success instead of stress can make you powerless without any ambitions. It is true that we have big opportunities compared to the older generations, but the fear of failure is often bigger. Even though our doors are always open to any occupation we want to do, it can be quite hard under achieving-pressure.

This is why it is so important to find ways how to support today’s youth and to prevent adolescents from a social decline or from becoming a NEET. Schools could organize projects in which students get some advice about their future plans. Advisers could be invited to help students and encourage them to pursue their ambitions. Especially a conversation between teacher and student can be very helpful. Of course, it’s a matter of will and confidence, but support is better than picking on the bad sides of our generation.

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