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This 20-track compilation collects Jamaican reggae classics that have been featured in British TV commercials and shows over the years, including Toots & the Maytals’ “Broadway Jungle” and “Pressure Drop,” Slim Smith & the Uniques’ “Build My World Around You,” Jimmy Cliff’s “Wonderful World, Beautiful People” and “The Harder They Come,” Millie’s “My Boy Lollipop,” and the Ethiopians’“Train to Skaville,” among others. It’s a fun and varied set, and yes, it bubbles along like a sunny day.


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Myosotis16 08.10.2017, 03:13

Sommerhits 2000:



1. It Feels So Good


2. Fairytale


3. Need You Tonite (La La La)


4. Latin Lover


5. Uncle John From Jamaica


6. Agustito


7. The Riddle


8. Bum Bum Baby


9. The Summer


10. The Bomb


11. Poison


12. Will I Ever


13. Chiquitan


14. Sun Fun Baby


15. Siempre Manana


16. Jambo Tropicana


17. I Wanna MMM...


18. Aya Baila (Torero)


19. Ylarie (Airplay)


20. I Like U

Disk: 2


1. Ist das alles?


2. Ich will nur Dich (Radio Mix)


3. Life Is So Strong


4. Azzurro


5. Si Cei Tu


6. Abcd


7. Sex Up My Life


8. At The Club


9. Attitude Flowers


10. Sing This Song


11. Vamos A La Fiesta


12. Cada Vez


13. On The Boarder


14. Love Is In The Air


15. So Hot


16. Mambo Italiano


17. Feel The Heat 2000


18. Piece Of Heaven


19. Dee Jay


20. Let The Freak


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17. August 2000

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Vielleicht von Shaggy - "Bonafide Girl" (von 2007)?

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