Könnt ihr mir bitte sagen, ob dieser englische Tagesbericht gut ist und ob ich Fehler habe?

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gewöhne dich daran, deinem Text ein bißchen mehr "Luft" zu geben.

Absätze sind da, so daß man den Überblick nicht verliert!

Dieses "en bloc" schreiben ist jedem Lehrer ein Gräuel!!!


Like every day my day began in the veterinary practice of Dr. xxxx at 0 8.50.

First I went to the recreation room where I met the assistants, the doctor and the chief physician of the practice. After greeting everybody, I changed clothes and went to the reception. There I went to my roster (was meinst du wohl mit "roster"?)  and I saw that I was assigned, as usual, to the same doctor.

The first case was an operation and not a normal treatment as usual. That‘s why I went into the operation room where the doctor and the veterinary´s assistants were already preparing everything. I helped them by cleaning the operation table, filling in the syringe and arraying the surgical gowns and the surgical instruments.

After that I went to the doctor and she explained me that anesthesia had already been administered to a sheepdog  that was to have corrective eye surgery, so I positioned myself behind the patient in order to help the veterinary´s assistants.

After lifting the dog onto a carrying frame we pushed him into the  operation room where he was laid onto an operation table. I was allowed to stay throughout the operation, so that I may follow the course of the surgical treatment.

First there was a cut in a part of the eye. To covert he created hole, the doctor cut off a part of the cornea and laid this about the hole (dieser Satz ist völlig unverständlich, bitte auf Deutsch schreiben!).

Finally the doctor sewed up the whole thing (heute in der ophtalmologischen chirurgischen Behandlung wird nicht mehr genäht, sondern geklebt!!!). I really found the operation very interesting as I was able to see many different surgical instruments and as I had never seen an operation before. So this was really new to me.

I didn´t bother seeing blood or watching process of the operation. I think this is important if you want to become a veterinary.

At 11. 00 o'clock we were ready with the quite delicate and expensive eye operation 

I bound a ruff around the head o the dog, so that he may not  scratch himself and pull the stiches out!  

We lifted the dog again from the operating table onto the carrying frame.

There the dog could wake up. (Normalerweise wird der tierische Patient nach einer solchen OP in einem Käfig flach gelegt, so daß er langsam und sicher aufwachen kann! Man läßt niemals ein Patient auf einer Trage aufwachen, da er herunter fallen könnte! ).

I had some time left whilst the dog was sleeping, so I cleaned the
operation instruments and
welded the equipment (was meinst du wohl mit welded?).

Slowly the dog woke up, that´s why we brought him back to the doctor's office..

.We laid the dog on the prepared mats on the floor and went out, so that the dog may wake up quietly.

I went back again to the operation room and carried on with cleaning the operation instruments.

.At  eleven fourty-five I heard indinstinct and loud noises

Because I anyway had just finished with my work, I went before
to the adoption (bitte auf Deutsch schreiben, der Satz ist völlig unverständlich!).

I saw that everybody in the room was totally agitated and was trying to bring the sheepdog who had woken up from the anaesthesia under
control, which was quite difficult as he ran like mad across the room

The dog´s owners hat taken the ruff away, although the doctor had explaind  them not to do so!

The assistants were able to control the dog after 5 minutes,
They tried to calm him down,  because he was hurting himself.

Then the surgeon came in and noticed that the dog had torn two seams open, which meant, that the dog would have to have an operation again!

What a pity!

Eine mühselige Angelegenheit diese Korrektur !!!


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