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Meine Version (ohne Gewähr):

Dear Ms. Beth

We are pleased to inform you that we confirm your participation in
the German course. The course is starting next week, on Monday, November 8th.
Please  arrive in time at 08.30 in the small meeting room. The course lasts 10 weeks. You will get the books and exercise books from the teacher. Please bring your own pens / biros / ball pens / pencils.

If you need any further assistance / information / help / support, do not hesitate to contact me.

Yours sincerely, ...

Da sind noch etliche Fehler. Korrekturen:

Statt "participation" besser. registration.

Komma nach "next week"

on Monday, November 8

we'd like to  ask you to...

... the books from your teacher

Please only bring your pen

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