Klaviernoten von diesem lied?

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Hab' gerade erst gelesen, dass die Musik nicht dem angegebenen Titel entspricht und daher meine Antwort zurückgenommen.

manu1957 02.10.2010, 16:59

Hab' noch herausgefunden, das Dax Johnson selbst keine Noten konnte und es daher eher schwierig sein wird, irgendeine Bearbeitung daon zu finden.

In den Kommentaren unter dem Video fand ich aber zumindest dies hier:

The song is by Dax Johnson, Bright Eyes. Apparently there is more than one version. He was extremely talented and died young. I don't think there is any sheet music for his songs, but his cds can be bought on his website.

he was extremely talented and this song is amazing beyond words.

manu1957 02.10.2010, 17:00

Und außerdem dies hier:

Well, as mentioned I had to change the original song, in that process YouTube offers some pieces of music for free, but not to download, just for the videos

For everyone who asks for the SHEETS: i don't have them but by ear you can play that song... its not too difficult..

as help: right hand begings with f - c - cis

than left hand and right hand play "together"

--> left hand: b - f - b and than eb - b - eb (but here i'm not sure!!) and so on

--> right hand: b - c - cis - c - b - f - b - f - fis - es - cis - es and so on

i hope i could help and sorry for my bad english xDD

if you have questions: pm me ^^ i'll help if i can


also,ich glaub das original heißt bright eyes von dax johnson aber das ist es leider nicht

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