kennt jemand lustige Deutsche redewendungen auf englisch XD

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  • make the fly
  • I guess my pig pipes
  • It´s highest railway
  • That goes me along the ass
  • to let the sow out
  • to be on the woodway
  • i make me me nothing you nothing out of the dust

aaahhaha..danke!!!!!!! die schreib ich mir alle für die arbeit raus!!!


Gravy Train bedeutet wie die Made im Speck ( und nicht Gravitationszug ). Shipwrecked for stabbles door bedeutet in Teufelsküche kommen.

"With you is not good cherry-eating." Hat mal jemand in der Schule gebracht. Kann man natürlich nicht direkt ins Englische übersetzen, würde keiner kapieren.

Have you a screw loose? I laugh me dead.. there laugh the chicken over..

hahaha...wie ist den die 1 zu 1 übersetzung?? :-)


My love Son, How you see can, is this letter a literaricle Masterpower (it means Meisterleistung), you know, I am a literary master.

How goes You? Is everything allright? I hope strength, the Wachtls mean not, this language is a secret language; i believe, an original boarisch is more secret for outerstandings.

You know, I know Kaisheim better like you, because I have visit this old Castle a lot of years ago. I think, damals it was a Haufen other as like today, but so much werd sich not changed ham. Some telled me, a lot of Renovation hams doing. I don´t know what, notice it in your daybook exactly.

The big different between Aichach and Kaisheim is the Food. In Kaisheim is much better. And You have your holy silence, if you want.

Do have a TV now? So, i mean, not only now, sondern auch later for a long time. Must you pay for this or is this a service from bavarian stompers governement?

Do you have a work now or you are sitting every time silence in your Cell? Be happy, so you can do this, in freedom you must be angry early in the morning with the big traffic on the road. Lauter crazy deppen in ihre cars. And every time i have to think, how I can make a little money for today, because my kids have nix zum fressen and my car need jede menge benzin. So you can live very easy. No stress, daily good food, silence – it must be the paradise. Ok, 13 month are a bissle long, but I moan, the last time it was not so good for you in the freedom. no money, no job, every time a little beg for some things – it was no good life. Now have you it much better. no job, no money, but food and tv – heart, what want you more? our minister have says before a lot of years, the prisoners usually have to go the double time in the jail, because they sleep the halftime inside. ok, this is not right, it was a minister and you know, koa minister knows, what he says, it is a jobsick in the politik, lot talking, but not know what. my english is a weng holperig, if you don´t understand “jobsick”, it means “Berufskrankheit”. I think, you have to see a lot, every lot of peoples with a similar desease. It´s not a wonder on this place, where you are now.

Some Body have me telled, in the next time you celebrate your 40th birthday. So let me tell for this: you are a very old bone, now. It is a reelly pitty, that you can not drink a good Maß of bier with me, but i will do and I drink the double and I think on you. did you hear? I have smoking stopped. I have koan fun more ghabt, pay much money for nothing. and the doctor have gsogd, he give me a 5 day-course for stop smoking. I have tell him, it brings nothing, before i can not stop in my head. he said, thats right, but he will make money and it cost 250.- euros. and he said, the course is very funny. I answer, 250. - € ist to much for 5 evenings entertainment. it is very cheaper, to read 5 evenings in internet.

I have hear, Claudia is back ganga to her husband. I don´t know if this correct is, but it interest me not reelly. Now i have to finish this letter. let you not underkriegen, think to Otto, this is a reelly hard broken. i have meet him. very funny, very funny. First he have bsuffa oan dotdrived and after is er no minister worn.

Best regards and don´t forget this is letter. pfüadi gott. Quelle:


ich empfehle Fränglisch mit Loddar (Bayern 3).

:-) AstridDerPu

hahaha!!! DANKE^^


my english very well - nor gohts halt net so schnell

I think my hamster polishs.

I break together, I cannot more (sagte unsere Lehrerin immer) xDDD

My lovely mr singing club - mein lieber herr gesangsverein.

Hola the woodfairy :D Holla die Waldfee

my englisch is not the yellow from the ege

zu deutsch:

mein englisch ist nicht gerade das gelbe vom ei

Your english is not the yellow from the egg.

Have you what?

Das hier is auch nett

Zwei Deut­sche tref­fen sich in England

A: Hello, Sir! How goes it you?

B: Oh, thank you for the afterquestion.

A: Are your alre­ady long here?

B: No, first a pair days. I’m not out London.

A: Thun­der­wea­t­her, that over­rus­hes me, you see not so out.

B: That can yes befo­re­come. But now what other: my hairs stood to moun­tains as I the traf­fic saw. So much cars gives it here.

A: You are heavy on the wood­way if you believe that in Lon­don hor­sed­ro­ve­works go.

B: Will we now drink a beer? My throat is out­dried. But look, there is a guest­house, let us there man go!

A: That is a good idea. Equal goes it loose, I will only my shoeband close.

B: Here we are. Make me please the door open.

A: But there is a beforehan­ging­castle, the eco­nomy is to. How sorry! Then I will go back to the hotel, it is alre­ady retard. On againsee!

B: Oh, yes, I will too go. I must become my draught to Bris­tol. Auf Wiedersehen!

A: Nanu, sie sind Deutscher?

B: Ja, sie auch? Das wun­dert mich aber. Ihr Eng­lisch ist so her­vor­ra­gend, dass ich es gar nicht bemerkt hätte.


hahaha..genial...das is aber so schwer zu lesen aber zum bepieseln XD

jaja so sin wa!!!



unter aller sau - "under all pigs"
--> ich glaub aber das ist falsch. :D

das hier kann man aber wirklich so sagen: du hast eine Leiche im Keller - you've got a sceleton in the cupboard. :)

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