Kennt jemand gute Zitate oder Sprüche aus supernatural die ich als whatsapp Status benutzen kann?

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"I like him, he says okie dokie", "Family don't end with blood, boy", "Saving people, hunting things; the family business"
"I lost my shoe" XD

"We're all going to hell, Dean. Might as well enjoy the ride."

"Family don't end with blood, boy."

"Do it right with a smile or don't do it."

"Never underestimate the King of Hell, darling. I know a lot of swell tricks."

"And you told me yourself that you see a way out. You see a light at the end of this ugly-ass tunnel. I don't. But I tell you what I do know - it's that I'm gonna die with a gun in my hand." (ist vermutlich viel zu lang für einen Status, aber das ist für mich eines der besten Zitate aus der ganzen Serien, und musste deshalb einfach aufgelistet werden! :D)

"No doubt - endings are hard. But then again... nothing ever really ends, does it?"

"You never give up on family. Ever."

''Egal was du tust: Entscheide dich,Ganz oder Garnicht, alles dazwischen bedeutet dein Tod'' Season 8 ''Verrat'' Dean zu Sam

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