Kennt jemand gute Zitate aus Undertale ;D?

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Vom Fragesteller als hilfreich ausgezeichnet

Flowey: ,,In this world it's kill or be killed!"
Sans: ,, Geeeet dunked on!"
Papyrus: ,,Thats a trashcan, fell free to visit it any time"
Uuund ich habe keine Ideen mehr :>

Sans: "Do you wanna have a bad time?"

Riverperson:"Beware of the man who speaks in hands"

Asriel/Flowey:"Don't you have anything better to do?"

Undyne:"Anime is real! Right?"

LG Juli ^^

Sans: Bad Time?, You, Dirty Brother Killer, Bone - Appetit, so cool, geeet dunked on you megalomaniac

Papyrus: "I, The great Papyrus., What's boning on?, NYEHEHEHE

Flowey: It's kill or be killed, You Idiot.

"Stay Determined"

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