Kennt jemand Filme wie z.b: the Choice, kein Ort ohne dich,duff... u.s.w? Also so ein Teenie Film :D

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The devil wears Prada, Pitch Perfect (2), She´s the man, 27 dresses, John Trucker must die, Confessions of a Shopaholic, PS: I love you, Wild Child, The Age of Adeline, Mean Girls, Maid in Manhattan, What a Girl wants, The last song, The Prince and me, So undercover, If I stay, from Prada to Nada, A Cinderella Story, Princess Diaries, The Wedding Planner, Monte Carlo, Bring it on, Bring it on again, Material Girls, In her shoes, seventeen again, Cinderella...

Ich denke diese Auswahl an Teenie Filmen genügt erstmal wenn nicht dann:

50 shades of grey

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