Kennt ihr traurige englische Sprüche über Liebeskummer?

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* "So ist das Leben" , sagte der Clown und malte sich mit Tränen in den Augen, ein  Lächeln ins Gesicht.* It's so beautiful to believe you love me,but then I wake up and know it was only a dream.* Seeing him was like hearing an old song playing on the radio- it brings back so many old feelings and memoriesthat I can’t tune out.*  Love is like a butterfly which you cannot catch,if you sit down quietly it may come to you.*In a room full of people,you're the first person I look for.* Love is a Rainbow,because we don't know where it startsand where it ends* I love the love,the love loves me,but the one I love,he doesn't love me.* It hurts when you have someone in your heart,but you can't have them in your arms.Hoffe gefällt dir :-) den einen deutschen find ich auch sehr schön, hab ihn auch mal hierhingeschrieben ;-) Lg Shana

Love is like a Box of Chocolates ,you´re never know what you going get (Liebe ist wie eine Schachtel Pralinen,du weist nie was du bekommst)

„Don’t search for love, search for someone that makes you happy. Sooner or later that happinesss will evolve into love.“

„the higher you build the walls around your heart, the harder you fall when someone finally breaks them down.“

„I’m leaving because you never asked me to stay…“

„Good Love is hard to find, easy to lose and difficult to forget!“

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