Kennt ihr Songtext/Zitate (die von Liebe handeln) auf Englisch?

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  1. Everyone comes with scars but you can love them away I told you that I wasn’t perfect you told me the same – No Way/Fifth Harmony
  2. I want you forever even when we’re not together scars on my body so I can take you whenever – Bad Things/Fifth Harmony
  3. With every word I’m blown away, you’re in control of my heart – Lightweight/Demi Lovato
  4. Stuck in some kind of love prison and threw away the key – Unbroken/Demi Lovato

Schau doch mal nach den Texten von Michael Balls "Love change everything" und Sir  Andrew Lloyd Webber "I believe my heart".

It's like I checked into rehab and baby you're my disease.

This is a retake of my life, I was his star for many nights. Now the roles have changed and you're the leading Lady in his life. Lights Camera now you're on, just remember you've been warned. Enjoy it now 'cause it won't last...same script different cast. 

Wenn du etwas präziser sagen könntest was du suchst, kann ich dir bestimmt auch noch mit anderen Texten dienen. 

Different Drum von den Stone Poneys 

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