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X270 same lens as SX 240/260?

1 month ago

Last year I bought a SX260 and was highly satisfied just until I noticed a couple of scratches on the front lens that became deeper and deeper.

The check at the Canon Service Center confirmed that these scratches were caused by the moving lens cover elements that are supposed to protect the lens when the camera ist turned off.

In fact these blades got in touch with the front lens element every time the camera tryed to extend the lens barrel and hit a object that stopped the start up and told the user to restart again. Since the lens cover elements were not properly manufactured they caused vertical scratches.

Canon replaced the complete Lens element of the camera - under warranty.

Since I didn't need the GPS and knew a freind who was looking for it, I sold the fixed SX260 and bought a second hand SX240 before my holiday trip in June.

Now - guess what happened. The SX240 tried to turn on by mistake twice while still in the bag and - one fat scratch right in the middle of the frontlens stopped me from using this Canon Powershot again because every bright light causes a darkened spot in the middle of the picture, that is noticably visible on landscape shots with bluesky.

I was very disappointed and had to send the SX240 back again.

Now - it looks as if the new SX 270/280 have the same lens as the SX 240/260 - but is it really identical - means has anybody made such a bad experience with scratches on the front lens from the lens cover of a SX270/280? Maybe the owners should take a closer look on their lenses because it is possible that the scratchs start hardly noticeble and become deeper and deeper.

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