Kannn jemand meine Sätze korrigieren :))))

...komplette Frage anzeigen

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The immigrants were full of hope when they left their home countries

When leaving their home countries, the...

While the cow was milked by the farmer it was eating grass

While being milked by the farmer, the cow was eating grass.

As Mark was convinced that the firm would close he applied for another job

Convinced that the firm would close, Mark....

Claudia saw a police car when she looked out of the window

When looking out of the window, Claudia saw a police car.

Mr Duffin couldn't afford to buy a new car, because he was rather poor

Being rather poor, Mr Duff...

Mr Clark ate his sandwich while he was watching the news

While watching the news, Mr Clark .....

adabei 31.01.2013, 19:17

Thanks. ☺


Leaving their home countries... Das wort lefting gibts nicht ;D

Der rest ist glaub ich in Ordnung

Was möchtest Du wissen?