Kann wer meinen Monolog [Englisch] überprüfen?

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Hello. Today I'm going to tell you something about myself, my name is * * and I
was born on 23.07.1999 in Istanbul in Turkey.

At the age of 4 I emigrated with my mother and two siblings to Germany because my father already lived Germany and knew that we would have a better future here. I now live with my 3 siblings and my parents in the Kirchenstr. 20. I have 2 brothers and one sister. My oldest brother is * and he is 21 years old and also training as a police officer, his hobbies are soccer,
swimming and boxing. My little brother is called * and on the 17.1, he is going to be eight years old, he attends the second class of * school here in Lahr. My sister is called * and is 20 years old and has completed their training as a nurse. My mother's name is * and is 38 years old. She is a housewife. My father is * and is 42 years old, he works in the gastronomy.

So far about my family and now I want to tell you something about me and my interests. My name is * * and I'm currently visiting the class of the school. Why am I doing the * grade is a simple reason: I just want to have a secondary school certificate and therefore a better future. My favorite subjects in school are math and physics. I like to play in my spare time basketball and computer games. I watch a lot of animes and my favorite anime is One Piece.

Now I would like to tell you something about my future
plans after class ***. As a child I always dreamed of becoming a
doctor and sometimes I want to realize that dream, and even if I do not
make it, I tried it. That was my presentation, I hope you liked
it. Do you have any questions left?

Ich finde deinen Text ziemlich gut, allerdings würde ich den letzten Teil noch etwas ausbauen.

XERII 19.01.2016, 19:20

Danke für deine Hilfe :).

peter5499 19.01.2016, 22:37

aprikosenbluete? der letzte Satz do u have any questions left ist das richtig? mein englisch lehrer meinte mal das das falsch wäre das any further questions richtig ist

Aprikosenbluete 20.01.2016, 08:21

Müsste passen, "Do you have any further questions left?" heißt "Habt ihr noch weitere Fragen?" während "Do you have any questions left?" "Habt ihr noch Fragen?" bedeutet. Dein Satz wäre aber besseres Englisch (also besserer Stil), richtig ist aber beides


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