kann mir jemand sagen, ob das eine gute summary wäre?

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Vom Fragesteller als hilfreich ausgezeichnet

Ohne den Originaltext gelesen zu haben, finde ich Deine Zusammenfassung ziemlich gut.
Du kannst beruhigt in die Klausur gehen.
Ich drücke Dir die Daumen (:o)

super, dankeschön (: hoffe, es klappt alles :b


Summary + Characterisation, korrektur, dringend?

Summery's: The shortstory ‚Patricia’ written by Fraser Sutherland deals with two friends, where the boy has a crush on the girl, but never told it, until a spring dance in their school comes. He forces himself to ask her, to go with her to the dance and does it, but she declines his question and at the end, both go not to the dance and go different ways too.

oder ..

The shortstory ‘Patricia’ written by Fraser Sutherland deals with two friends, where the boy has a crush on the girl, but never told it. In their school there goes a spring dance and the boy forces himself to ask her, to go with her to the dance, does it, but she just diclines his question and at the end, both of them, go not to the dance and go different ways too

was wirkt besser und richtiger, zumindest einigermaßen?

Characterisation The following text is a characterisation of the boy, one of the two main characters in the story ‘Patricia’.

The boy is a student around 16 or 17 years, how it could be assumed, because he is close to his final exams (l. 55) and his voice breaks and so ‘He [is] changing’(fg.l. 19). Furthermore the character seems to be very sporty and active, just look at the scene, where he stands in front of the mirror and ‘[looks] at himself’ and his muscles (fg.l.5) - what means, that he must be ambious too, because he worked hard, to get them. The boy could be characterized as really attentive, how the behavior shows it, related to Patricia (fg. l.7-19). ‘He [spend] an hour talking with her’ and ‘[think] a lot about asking her to go [with him]’, but he have not the guts to say directly, that he wants to go with her to the spring dance, what makes him not self-confident.

To sum it up, the boy is ambious as related to Particia, but calm, without selfconfidence, but (Mir fällt nicht ein, wie es genau zusammenfassen könnte :x)

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kann mir jemand sagen, ob das eine gute characterisation wäre?

Hallo, ich schreibe morgen meine erste Englischklasur und wollte fragen, ob mir jemand sagen könnte, ob das eine gute Characterisation wäre oder was ich noch verbessern müsste.

Hier der Link zum Text http://www.ogtprep.com/readings/reading8.htm

und hier meine Characterisation


The main character of the text „Early Autumn“ by Langston Hughes ( 1902-1967) is called Bill Walker (l. 6). He is a lawyer in New York (l. 14) and has got a wife named Lucille (l. 28). Besides he has got two kids (l. 16). In line 9 it seems as Bill is loved by Mary, a woman, who he was in love with when he was younger. But he already had forgotten Mary (l. 7). Bill was very sad because of her and for this reason he is a bit reserved (l. 36). When Mary greets Bill it seems as Mary wants a kiss from Bill but he only helds his hand out. In line 12 you can see, that Bill Walker is a very polite man. But he is dishonest as well, because he does not say the truth certainly in deference to Mary. Actually Bill wanted to say, that Mary looks old insteadt of that he said she looks well, only because he does not want to hurt her. Bill is very satisfied with his liefe, he is proud out of his kids (l 32) and in contrast to Mary Bill looks very young (l. 25).

Danke im vorraus (:

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Englisch, Summary schreiben! Hilfe!

Hallo (: In ein paar Tagen schriebe ich eine Arbeit in Englisch übers "summary schreiben" ich habe jetzt eine geschrieben nur kann die mir keiner korrigieren, da dacte ich, ihr könntet mir helfen. Danke im vorraus. Lieben Gruß! :) (Namen der autorin hab ich mir ausgedacht ;)) SORRY DAS ES SEHR LANG IST!

The story 'Only a game' written by Elizabeth Smith, is about Robert and Tom, who are on a trip to Funland, Trocadero. As Robert and Tom arrive in Trocadero, they decide to go to Funland. The two boys are really excited and Tom proposes to try out a virtual reality game. Robert joins him and they are putting on the helmets to start the game. Robert and Tom chose to play in year 1888, the time when 'Jack the Ripper' killed very much people. Robert gets scared. It is getting to realistic to him because they can smell dead fishes, feel cold bricks and suddely a shadow comes near them. Robert is afraid. He assumes that 'Jack the Ripper' comes after them. But they are lucky: the shadow is just the shadow of a flower girl, whose mother was the last victim of 'Jack the Ripper'. Tom throws his arms around the girl and suddenly they hear a man shouting. He says that Tom should get off the girl and the rest of the people who arrive, are thinking that the two boys are the murders, who killed all the people. Tom and Robert are afraid and they are taking off their helmets to leave the game. But nothing changes. They are still in the game... or has it become reality?

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Verbesserung zur summary vom ersten Kapitel von After the first death...

The first chapter of Robert Cormier's novel "After the first death" consists of a series of thoughts from a boy, named Benjamin. In the beginning he thinks about his injury, namely the path the bullet took. Then, he thinks about the visit of his father and then he tells about a conversation with his mother. They speak unimportant stuff and then he tells about Mr. Chatam, who is his math teacher and might have taught his father a generation ago. (Das bringt sie zu dem Thema über die Bennung des Berufes von Bens Vater, Mark). After Ben called his mother reprimands him because his father doesn't want to be called a general. Then, he starts to describe his life with picture postcards. The first one is Fort Delta. It's an ancient army post. It has something to do withthe bus and the bridge. An incient, which Ben often mentions, but never says what exactly has happened. The next picture postcard is his father. He thinks about his father's job. ben doesn't know (genaueres, obwohl inzwischen manches rausgefunden hat). he remembers the once, when he saw his father in uniform. It was a formal meeting. Ben felt both scared an excited, because his father (ließ ben an seiner Arbeit teilhaben). In the end of the chapter Ben thinks about the shortest horror story and then he thinks again about his father and how it will be (wie sein würd)

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Englisch-Summary cf

Hey community,

hab mal grad ne Summary von einem Text aus meinem Buch geschrieben.

Um ehrlich zu sein, war ich nie der beste darin, ich bin jetzt eig. auch richtig am verzweifeln wieso mir einfach nichts einfällt um ne gute Summary zusammen zu fassen..

Vorab gesagt, der Text ist sicherlich nicht der Burner.... also bitte habt mitleid mit mir wenn es auch der größte schei** ist, ich bin auch schon am arbeiten, sodass es sich verbessert.

Aber whatever.. hier ist der Text...

The text "Maddy Johnson´s double life" written in the year 2000 in London, by an unknown Autor, deals with a girl who suffers from bulima and how she try to life with it. Maddy Johnson a attractive and young women, who is popular in her community has a double life. In the public she is a normal person but in the secret one she suffers from bulimia. If she see a restaurant she cant control herself, she dont want to go in but she have to do it. As she goes in the restaurant she buy something big to eat with a bad feeling, because she is ashamed if somebody see her eating. When she finish her eat she feels dirty and hates herself.She goes to the toilet to threw up her food. At the moment when she leaves the toilet a women speak to her if all is ok and if she want help from her. She gives the phone number to the girl and asks her to call when she need help.

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Ist der summary in ordnung

Peter Mortiboy is an apprentice technician in the luxury car firme and belong to it in the Rolls Royce Technical College. But the employer fired him because he has dangered the eyes of his co.wordkers because of his four-inch spikes, unusual dress includes 18 earrings, a studded dog collar, steel armletts and a stud through his nose. On the one side the boss done the right because it is his firme and when he wants that the employees should change his appearance they must do it or maybe they can go work where else. But on the other side is Peter maybe a very pretty boy, works good but he likes how he is looking like and the problem is that not every employer would take him for his work.

So all in all I think Persons who would not change their style for a work should not be sad but they should accept the bosses and change their work.

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