Kann mir jemand helfen diesen Text zu Übersetzen (deutsch ins englische)?

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We stayed in a mobile home with kitchen, bathroom and 3 bedrooms. There was also a pool at the campsite with 3 slides and sun loungers. To reach the sea you had to go unfortunately by car 10 minutes that we were all not so great. Very close there was also a beautiful city ... this we visited 2 times, there was also a staircase to a stone wall where you could sit on it and had a nice view of the open sea, as well as small shops selling jewelery or with specialties However etc. best I fande the day where my sister and I as one of the only ones in the pool were (, this has to be said that, the water was very cold ...) we have been filmed by a cameraman for your campsite. We then get instructions in French that we are slipping and we should together make a race on the slides. The holiday was just very, very nice, even if the sea 10 min was removed with the car.

Ich hoffe ich konnte dir helfen.

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