kann mir jemand eine limerick witz sagen?

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Der "Klassiker" ist:

There was a young lady from Riga She smiled as she rode on a tiger When they came back from the ride There was the lady inside And the smile on the face of the tiger


Ein Kanufahrer am Ganges, Ein Sportler besonderen Ranges, Steuerte sein Schiff Nicht gegen ein Riff, sondern entlang es. (ich glaube, der ist von Schobert & Black)

Und hier noch ein Bericht im Shakespearean Style über eine Reise, die in Timbuktu enden sollte:

Tim and I on hunting went

we spied three maidens in a tent.

Them beeing three

and wie just two -

I booked one and Tim booked two.

kujapper 16.06.2010, 17:49

Hier stimmt das Limerick-Reimschema nicht. Ein klassischer L. reimt: a-a-b-b-a



There once was a young man from Ealing, who had the most curious feeling he had eaten a horse then pulled out it with force and died ‘cause the wound was not healing

(Quelle: sunnybabe)

There was an old man of peru, who dreamt he was eating his shoe. He awoke in the night with a terrible cry, and saw It was perfectly true.

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