Kann mir jemand ein paar tolle kpop songs empfehlen?

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ich tue dir mal was gutes nach dem fail von nowornever15 xD

ich habe mir erlaubt auch die Japanischen und Englischen Lieder der jeweiligen Künstler mit aufzuschreiben :)


4Minute - Black Cat, Femme Fatale, I'm OK, Hot Issue, Muzik, What A Girl Wants, Funny, Heart to Heart, Highlight, Huh, I My Me Mine, Invitation, Say My Name, Volume Up, You Know, Mirror Mirror, Get on the Floor, Pretend

f(x) - Chu, Electric Shock, La Cha Ta, Mr Boogie, Nu Abo

2NE1 - Can't Nobody, Clap your Hands, Don't Stop The Music, Fire, I am the Best, I Love you, I'm Busy, Let's Go Party, Ugly

SNSD/Girls Generation - Flower Power, Bad Girl, The Boys, Paparazzi, I got a Boy

T-ara - Lovey Dovey, Number 9

Son Dambi & After School - Amoled

Miss A - Touch

Kara - Lupin



HyunA - Change, Bubble Pop

BoA - Hurricane Venus, The Shadow, Eat you Up, Energetic, I Did It For Love


GOT7 - Hello, Like Oh, Playground, I Like You, Follow Me, Girls Girls Girls

Boyfirend - I Yah, I'm In Love, Boyfriend, Go Back, Good Night, Janus, Mystery, Not One But Two, Soulmate, Stop It, You and I, Trippin

Block B - Freeze, Halo, Lol, NalinA, Nillili Mambo, Tell Them, U Hoo Hoo, Wanna B

B.A.P - 1004 (Angel), B.A.B.Y, B.A.P, Bang X2, Body & Soul, Check On, Lovesick, S.N.S, Save Me, Shady Lady, Spy, With You, 쉽죠, Punch, One Shot, Rain Sound, Coma, 0 (Zero), All Lies, Badman, Coffee Shop, Hurricane, No Mercy, Power, Warrior, What The Hell

BtoB - Born to Beat, I Only Know Love, U & I, Catch Me, Like A Crystal, Press Play, Wow, Irresistible Lips, When I Was Your Man, Insane, Thriller, Imagine, Monday To Sunday, My Girl, Stand Up

VIXX - Starlight, Light Up The Darkness, Voodoo Doll, On and On, Chaos, What To Do, Jekyll, Rock Your Body, Don't want to be an Idol, Hyde, G.R.8.U, Super Hero

MBLAQ - Again, Can't Come Back, Darling, G.o.o.d Luv, It's War, Mona Lisa, Oh Yeah, Run, Stay, Throw Away, Y, Smoky Girl

Wonder Boyz - All About You, Clap Music, 비애 Part 2, It's Exciting, Tarzan, Open the Door

U-Kiss - Step By Step, Standing Still, 숨도 못 쉬어, Missing You, 나쁘다, 아픔보다 아픈, My Reason, Party All The Time, Sweety Girl, 사랑하니까, Dear My Friend, Passage, Play Back, Real Love, Thousand miles away, The Only One, Inside Of Me, Hey Man, Just A Moment, Mysterious Lady, Turn Off The Light, She's Mine, Neverland, Baby Don't Cry, Someday, Take Me Away, On The Floor, Obsession, Top That, A Shared Dream, Fall In Love, Forbidden Love, One of You, The Sound Of Magic, Tick Tack, We Set Off, Amazing, Bang Bang Bang, Before Yesterday, Believe, Round & Round, Cinderella, Dancing Floor, DoraDora, Erase, It Must Be Fate, It's Time, Let's get, Light It Up, Man Man Ha Ni, Ok, Set Off, Te Amo, Without You, Stop Girl

uBeat- Should Have Treated You Better, Its Been A Long Time, Standing Still (Remix), 숨도 못 쉬어 (Remix), Missing You, Party All The Time (Remix), Sweety Girl (Remix), 사랑하니까

Cross Gene - Dirty Pop, Crazy, One Way Love, Sky High, For This Love, La-Di Da-Di, My Lady, My Love Song, Page of Love, Shooting Star, Solar, New Days

ToppDogg - Open the door, Arario, Eschatologist, I Know, Cigarette, Dogg's Out, Play Ground, Say It, Cute Girl, A Woman Like You (Kidoh Solo)

F.Cuz - No. 1, Rise Up, Good Luck, Answer the Phone, Dreaming I, Janus, Midnight Sun, Wanna be your Love, U Crazy, Say U Say Me, Mine, Jiggy, No One, Boy Meet Girl, Go, Because of You

BTS - We Are Bulletproof

N-Sonic - Run & Run

M.I.B - Nod along

MyName - Message, We are the Night

Shinhwa - This Love

EXO - Mama, What Is Love, History, Angel, Two Moons, Machine, Wolf, Baby, Don't Cry, Black Pearl, Don't Go, Let Out The Beast, 3.6.5, Heart Attack, Peter Pan, Baby, My Lady

SHINee - I Belong to You, Amigo, Hello, Love Still Goes On, Lucifer, Obsession, Ready Or Not, Replay, Ring Ding Dong, Shout Out, Up & Down, Lollipop

ss501 - A Song Calling For You, Deja Vu, Fighter, Love Ya, Passion, Take U High, Unlock

Teen Top - Clap, No More Perfume On You, Supa Luv, Rocking, Miss Right


Park Jung Min - Beautiful, Not Alone, Taste The Fever, Until the End of Time, Devil, Sin, Tonight's the Night, Give Me Your Heart, Voyage

Jay Park - I Like 2 Party, Abandoned, Demon

Kim Hyun Joong - Unbreakable, Please Be Nice To Me, Yes I Will, Let Me Go, Break Down


HyunA (feat. Flowsik of Aziatix) - I Like

A Pink & B2ST - Skinny Baby

Girls' Generation & 2PM - Cabi Song

HyunA ft. Zico - Just Follow

Trouble Maker - Now

Younique Unit - Maxstep

ähh ja xD ist doch mehr als gedacht hust have fun :'D

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Kommentar von NITA1997
10.03.2014, 00:40

ohhh... thank you very much!!!! XDDDD


Revolverheld - Das kann uns keiner nehmen

OneRepublic - Burning bridges

One Direction - Story of my life

Nonono - Pumpin blood

Nico & Vinz - Am I wrong

Nick Howard - If i told you

Madeline Juno - Error

Laleh - Some die young

The Feeling - Rescue

U2 - Ordinary love

The Neighbourhood - Sweater weather

Six60 - Forever

Sean Paul - Other side of love

Pharrell Williams - Happy

Placebo - Too many friends

Mr. Probz - Waves

London Grammar - Strong

Kings of Leon - Wait for me

John Newman - Cheating

John Legend - Made to love

Gary Barlow - Let me go

Frank Turner - The way I tend to be

Foy Vance - Closed hand full of friends

Empire of the sun - Alive

Céline Dion - Loved me back to life

Boy George - King of everything

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Kommentar von MikeShinodaFan
09.03.2014, 22:58

Das sind wirklich schöne KPop Songs...

Dir scheint der Begriff KPop nicht viel zusagen oder? KPop = korean pop music, also koreanische Musik.

Kommentar von AuroraPuffin
09.03.2014, 23:00

Wenn du schon mal nicht weißt was K-Pop ist, dan musst du auch nicht antworten... ich antworte ja auch nicht auf 1D und JB fragen, da ich mich mit denen nicht auskenne...

Kommentar von sweetdream17
09.03.2014, 23:00

Beim kpop mag ich voll die Band SHINee (: Such doch im YouTube mal nach einigen Songs von ihnen :) Meine #1 von ihnen bleibt insgeheim 'Lucifer'. (;



  • Lucifer
  • Amigo
  • Colorful
  • Dream Girl
  • Everybody
  • Hello
  • Juliette
  • Nightmare
  • Replay
  • Ring Ding Dong
  • Sherlock
  • Spoiler
  • Symptoms
  • Why so serious
  • Dynamite
  • Shout out


  • 1004 (Angel)
  • Badman
  • Warrior
  • No Mercy
  • Power
  • One shot
  • Rain Sound


  • Mama
  • Growl
  • History
  • Let out the beast
  • Miracles in December
  • The Star
  • Two Moons
  • Wolf
  • XOXO


  • Chaos
  • Hyde
  • On an On
  • Rock ur Body
  • Super hero
  • G.R.8.U
  • Voodoo doll


  • Sleep tlaking
  • Action
  • Face
  • Hello
  • Not over you

Block B:

  • Very Good
  • Be the Light

Younique Unit:

  • Maxstep


  • No more Dream
  • Boy in luv


  • Feel Good
  • Friday
  • Hey You
  • I'm a loner

Ich finde von den aufgelisteten Bands sind es eigentlich alle Songs wert gehört zu werden. Das ist jetzt ein Teil von dem was in meiner Playlist ist. Besonders bei SHINee hab ich sehr viel mehr Songs. Die hier aufgelisteten sind meine Lieblingsbands.

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Kommentar von MikeShinodaFan
09.03.2014, 23:19

*bei Nu'est: Sleep talking


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