Kann mir jemand diesen Text korrigieren (Englisch)?

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Einige Forumulierungen und grammatikalische Elemente waren etwas kritisch, habe den Text daher größtenteils umgeschrieben. Inhaltlich ist er allerdings unverändert. Ein kleiner Rat noch, du solltest nicht alles was Google Übersetzer ausspuckt nehmen. Ein Schäferhund ist kein "Sheepdog", sondern bekannt als "German Shepherd".

"Wolves are mostly active in the night only, meaning they're nocturnal. They're able to run for about 20km at a speed of around 50km per hour. As a predator, wolfs live and hunt in herds, usually consisting of around eight wolves whose leader is mostly a woman. The female leaders are so called "Alphawolves". Herds of wolves rarely contain any members of a different family, but rather consist of two parents and their whelps. Wolves typically like to hunt ungulates and mammals, such as deers, pigs, sheep, ibex, rabbits, mice, cows but also dogs and cats. During hard times, wolves tend to eat carrion and litter to keep them from starving. A wolf often finds its prey by searching for and following footprints and/or the smell of their prey. Before killing them, wolves try to sneak up to their prey before catching them. If attacked animals try to escape, wolves more often than not try to chase them down, which is often a success, as wolves are quite often faster than their prey. If their chase turns out to be unsuccessful, wolves lose interest and simply quit the chase.

A typical wolf looks a bit like a German shepherd, except that compared to German shepherds, wolves have longer legs and a shorter neck. They have sharp teeth and eyes that are perfectly made for seeing in the dark. The wolf used to be a common resident of Europe, Asia, North America and the Arabic Islands up until around 1750, where a lot of people exterminated dozens of herds of wolves, leaving only a tiny portion of wolves left in the world. Since 1990 the wolf is protected by national conservation laws. About 10 years later, around the year 2000, two wolves from Poland managed to raise up their own whelps. While this may not seem like a huge accomplishment to some, it actually is a huge accomplishment for the species of wolves, as this was the first time since about 150 years that two parents raised their own progeny. It's a huge step in the development of wolves in our current day and age."

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Kommentar von Abollix
12.01.2016, 18:02

So, habe den Text nochmals überarbeitet. Wenn du dieses Kommentar liest, kannst du ihn problemlos verwenden; es sei denn jemand findet noch Fehler o.Ä.

Gehe aber davon aus dass der Text nun frei von schwerwiegenden Grammatikfehlern ist.


The wolf is nocturnal, so it just goes hunting at night. The wolf runsabout 20km with a speed about 50km/h. The wolf is a predator and he lives and chases in a herd. In this herd are usually about eight wolves, and these wolves are parents and their whelps. So it's a family. Actually the leader of a herd is female and it's called 'alphawolf'. The wolve's prey are ungulates and mammals, for example: deers, pigs, sheeps, ibex, rabbits, mice, cows, dogs and cats. In bad times the wolf eats carrion and litters. Wolves find its prey by the prey's smell or footprints. The wolf trys to near to its prey. And when it's near enough, it catchs its prey. If the prey runs away, the wolf runs behind it. Actually the wolf is faster than its prey so the wolf catchs it after a few meters. If the wolf won't catch its prey, the chase will cancel. The wolf looks a bit like the sheepdog. Just the wolf has longer legs and a shorter neck. And it has sharp teeth and eyes, which can see well at night. Previous the wolf was resident in Europe, Asia, Northamerica and on the arabic islands. About 1750 humans exterminated lots of herds of wolves, so there were just a few wolves in the whole world. Since 1990 the wolf has been under national conservation. 10 years later two wolves from Poland managed to raise up whelps. And that's the first time since about 150 years. And that's like the wolf increased itself. Jetzt müsste eigentlich alles richtig sein. Ich hoffe ich konnte dir helfen :) Aber das waren bei dir keine großen Fehler, nur bei he she it das s vergessen oder so ;)

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Dein Text ist an sich nicht schlecht. Merk dir den Spruch: "He, she, it, das S muss mit!"

Zb: The wolf chaseS, he runS, he singS

Das solltest du in dem Text ausbessern, denn du hast das "s" ziemlich oft vergessen.

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Kommentar von KizumiChan
12.01.2016, 17:38

Passiert mir wirklich sehr oft. Werde ich verbessern. Danke. ^^


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