Kann mir jemand bei meinen Englisch Text helfen?

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The Inuit culture is an oral, isolated and individual culture, but one that covers the circumpolar world. For thousands of years, they have existed by passing on the knowledge and skills of their people. No, in the technological age, they have to unite the traditional and the modern and preserve the important parts of their culture. The Inuit are subsistence hunters and gathers and they led a nomadic live, hinting caribou, seals, walruses, narwhals and fish. Men hunted the animals, they shaped and sewed the skins into waterproof boots, mitts and spring parkas. They travelled by sled, drawn by huskies. From the 1930s to the 1950s, with the coming of the ”White” man, things started to change for the Inuit. The ”white” men told them to forget their culture and they sent them to school, to learn their language. Many children were sexually abused in this schools. In the late 60’s, the government of Canada built houses for the Inuit in northern communities, and the Inuit moved away from their traditional homes in isolated hunting camps. These camps were led by non. Inuit adminostrators, who believed they knew what was good for the Inuit. The houses were very lousy ,but by the 70’s, however, the government houses standards had improved. Most houses have running water and are heated with diesel fuel. Snowmobiles, all-terrain vehicles and cars have been replaced the dog teams. Most of the Inuit also have television, telephones, computers, faxes and even cellular telephones. They are trying to preserve their tradition. To keep their culture alive, they teach their children how to live in their land.


so funktioniert das hier nicht, gutefrage.net ist eine Ratgeber-Community und kein kostenloses Schreib- und Übersetzungsbüro.

Wenn wir dir das hier machen, lernst du nichts. Dein Motto sollte Learning by doing sein, dann klappt's auch in der Englischarbeit.

Wenn du schon mal in Vorleistung gehst und deinen Text im Simple Past hier zur Korrektur einstellst, wird man dir sicher gerne helfen.

Die Grammatik und Übungen zum Simple Past (und auch allen anderen englischen Zeiten) findest du auch im Internet, z.B. bei ego4u.de und englisch-hilfen.de.

Warum kannst du diese Zeit eigentlich nicht, das ist Lehrstoff der 6. Klasse?!?!?

:-) AstridDerPu

i am from England i´m living now in germany if you put the text in i´ll help you

Pumaboy17 22.03.2012, 17:52

Ehm.. ;D the text ist under your comment


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