kann mir gemand bitte diesen Text auf Englisch überstzen? Bitte.. :)

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Vom Fragesteller als hilfreich ausgezeichnet

I have a budgie and it's name is Lewis. He is so cute. I know that you shouldn't leave budgies alone but i have him now for one month. I'll buy a second one soon. Lewis is blue, turquoise and a bit black. When i bought him he was some weeks old. He is about one month and a few weeks old. He lives in my room in a beatiful equipped cage. When i do my homework he descends and sits down on my table. Altough i got him since a month he is totally tame and confiding. He sometimes sits down on my head, on my shoulder or on my hand. At the afternoon I allow him to fly about two hours that he can riot. I love Lewis pretty much because he is just so cute and kind. He is just a terrific budgie.

Hab ich übrigens selbst übersetzt. (-;

Guuuut. :) Ich denke mal das ist richtig! tausend Daank! :** :)


Abacho (http://uebersetzer.abacho.de/text_uebersetzer.html) liefert folgendes:

I have a budgerigar and he is called Lewis. He is really sweet soo. I know that one should hold budgerigars not alone, but I have him also only one month. Soon I will buy a second one. Lewis is blue, turquoise and is black bischen one. When I have bought him he was old to a few wochen ones. Now so he is weeks old about 1 month and some. He lives in my room in a nicely furnished cage. If ic homework does, he comes flying along and mostly sits down on my desk. Although I have him only one month, he is quite absolutely tame and trusting! He sits down sometimes on the head, on the shoulder or on the hand. In nachmittag I grant to him about two hours of free flight, so that he can let off steam so properly. I love Lewis really very much because he is simply absolutely nice and dear. It is simply a great budgerigar!

Und ich muss sagen, das klingt wirklich lustig ;)

Jaa, manche wörter sind irgendwie so halb deutsch geblieben. :D


Faultier! xD

I've got a bird his name is Lewis. He is very cute. den rest darfst du selber machen xD

du kannst aber au h jetzt schon einen zweiten welli holen lewis wird sich dann sehr freuen und er wird auch zahm bleiben =)


Ja, ich weiß! :D Ich bin eeecht ein Faultier.


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