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Greetings from a Greek island

This island is such a nice and relaxing place and we are having a great time here. I really enjoy being here with my friends. The weather is always good and sunny, so we go to the beach every day. As it is quite hot, the sea water is lukewarm and it is nice to swim in it.
As I said, I'm here with friends of mine. We often go to the disco at night and have great fun there, but yesterday we went on a boat trip and this was awesome.
We are staying at a 4-star hotel near the beach and from my room I have a view of the sea. We booked an all–inclusive package and the food is delicious, but sometimes, when we are hungry, we go to a local restaurant and try new food. Furthermore, the ice-cream in Greece is delicious and my favourite sort is banana and raspberry. However, since we are on an island, we have to take a boat to go to the main city, which is on the opposite side of the island.
So far, my summer has been good and we still have some weeks left before school starts again. I hope you are also spending a nice holiday and hopefully, we can meet when I am back. See you soon.

Love , Günta

(Wie du siehst, hab' ich ein paar Kleinigkeiten geändert.)

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*its always sunny Zeile 3

* so we can go to beach every day Zeile 3

*We often go to disco at night and had great fun. Yesterday..... also ohne das "but" Zeile 5-6

*which is near the beach Zeile 6

*i can see the ocean (klingt einfach besser als see the sea ^^ ) Zeile 7

*in Greece Zeile 9

*take a boat Zeile 11

have nice holidays (also ohne "a" ) Zeile 13

Der text ist ansich ja fast richtig außer ein paar kleinen Sachen oder Faselfehlern.

Denk ne 2 oder so XD

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Kommentar von CookieIsHere
15.08.2016, 14:48

Danke dir und lass mich raten du bist Shco Main :D

Kommentar von adabei
15.08.2016, 17:34

Beim Mittelmeer würde man nicht von "ocean" sprechen. Dieser Ausdruck ist dem Atlantik oder dem Pazifik vorbehalten.
Du hast aber recht, "to see the sea" klingt wirklich nicht so besonders. Daher habe ich geschrieben, dass das Zimmer "a view of the sea" hat.


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