Kann mir bitte jemand diesen text verbessern(ENGLISCH)?

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Leider stecken in JEDEM Deiner Sätze mehrere Fehler. Die Fehlerzahl in Deinem Text dürfte bei mindestens 80 liegen. Vor allem fällt auf, dass ALLE Deine Verbformen falsch sind, aber auch die Wortstellung im Satz scheint für Dich ein Riesenproblem zu sein.

Wenn Du über etwas Vergangenes, Abgeschlossenes schreibst, musst Du simple past verwenden.  Du schreibst aber keinen Text über Vergangenes, sondern eher eine Art Postkarte über Gegenwart, Vergangenheit und Zukunft.

EINE Korrektur masl als Beispiel; Today I visited the bach together with my parents and my little sister. Togther we went swimming in the sea. It was a lot of fun although, as you know, I can't swim.   

Auch "Sätze" wie "We see us  in 2 weeks" ziehen jedem die Schuhe aus, der ein BISSCHEN Englisch kann. 

Beachte den Satzbau und bleibe in einer Zeitform und setze nur Kommas wo welche hinkommen. Weiterhin fange keine Sätze mit because an, das passt von der Syntax her nicht.

Oh Gott... Da sind so viele Fehler drin, da kann man nichts verbessern. Das ist dengliches Knödelenglisch. Tut mir leid.

Ist der Satzbau in diesem englischen Text richtig?

I was with my family in the summer holidays in England, than we had arrived, we had have a barbecue and i had met new friends they were in myage, when i met them. After that We played football, i went to the beach with my father, then we sailled boat in the lake.

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Ist dieser englische Text korrekt?

I had a football match on Saturday morning. My friends and I played versus Köln. We played at the pitch from Köln. It was super because we won 3:0. I scored two goals. I liked it because we all played good and fast.our team are now at the second place at the table. All in one it was a very good match.

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Englische Guided Writing

Dear Tim, thank you for your last letter, about which I was very happy. In your letter I have read, that you had a lot of fun with your friends in the last week. But you are not the only one who had fun, because my family and I are spending two weeks in the interesting Sunshine State Florida. It is located in the southeast of the USA between the gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic. Our hotel is in the famous city Orlando and is called Super 8 Orlando International Drive. Every day I lie on the beach and drink orange juice, because in a year Florida produced 3,600 million liters of orange juice. The weather is fantastic, the sun shines every day. Last week we were in Disneyland. It was very exciting, I have met Donald Duck and the famous Mickey Mouse. At most I was interested in the third theme park of Disneyland, the Disney´s Hollywood Studios, which theme is film and television. There I have made the only one attraction on the Hollywood Boulevard, the twenty-two minutes Great Movie Ride. The Great Movie Ride shows classic Hollywood Moments. Tomorrow we will visit the trendiest place on earth, the Ocean drive in Miami Beach. Models are sometimes photographed in front of these wonderful buildings. All the time I am very happy to be here, the only one boring thing was the flight to Florida, because everyone of my family was sleeping all the time. I am looking forward to seeing you soon. Yours sincerely from Florida

Diesen Brief hab ich geschrieben, will nur wissen, ob der grammatikalisch richtig ist oder ob noch was zu ändern ist.

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Kann jemand diesen Blog entry korrigieren?

Ich bedanke mich für eure Hilfe und hoffe, dass ihr mir Helfen könnt :

I'm finally back at home in Vienna after my two weeks of holidays I've spent with my family in Turkey. First, I´m going to talk about Sinop and after that, about Istanbul. We flew to Istanbul with a plane and we spend our night at our home there. At the next day, we got ready really fast and made our way to Sinop with our car. When we arrived in Sinop, I made my way to my relatives to greet you and spend the night with my friends on the beach and played poker. All Mornings we went to the beaches and we meet some friends. The weather was very hot every day and it has also rained a few times. We also visited the city a couple of times to see the sights. 

We spent eleven days in Sinop and then went back to Istanbul to visit the other relatives. When we were back in Istanbul it was rained two days and it was also very hot. We were often in the downtown to shop, like the big Pazar where there are many shops and you can negotiate there with the dealers. What I buy every year is raisins and sunflower seeds, because they taste very good and are fresh there. In Istanbul, we stayed for a total of three days and then flew back to Vienna.

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letter of complaint HILFE

Knt ihr mir bitte helfen und mir sagen ob es zu viele Absze sind und ausbessern und sowas halt danke :DD

Bei den Abszen bin ich mir nicht sicher aber meine Lehrerin hat mir mal eins ausgebessert und hat die absze so gelassen und eins dazu keine Ahnung, ich hab so ein Gefl dass es zu viele sind


Dear Sir or Madam, I am writing to complain about my holiday i spent in Irland in your hotel.

Right on arrival, at the Abbeyglen Castle there was no porter. My family and I had to carry our suitcases by ourselves, but we thought the situation was going to get better.

The next day, however was not any better. As we could not visit the sauna and the spa pool than advertised , we got dissapointed because we thought that was going to be the highlight in our stay at the hotel, but everything was under construction.

As expected, we entcounterd another problem. In actual fact we had a wonderful day in the car park but we noticed the camera from our car got stolen and that was a real problem for us.

However, that was not all. We thought it could not get any worse but it did: The nights there were horrible, we could not sleep because the neighbouring disco was too noisy.

It would be very kind if you could, more often take a look at that what you advertise and do in real life because you could anger many costumers this way.

If you take my concers seriously, you change your advertismend and make sure that you dont make promises that you can not keep.

I am looking forward to your prompt reply.

Yours sincerily

Scherin Kat

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Schule Englisch? Text? Ist das so richtig? Habe ich fehler?

Homework English

I have got problems with my parents too. I m not allowed to do anything. My mum and my dad are strict. My parents doesnt give me my mobile phone because I had a badly i the english test. I am not allowed to play with any technical things.

I thing it us really unfair. I have to go bed at 9 clock and dont watch tv after 9 clock.

Its really uncool dont like it.

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