Kann mir bitte jemand das auf Englisch übersetzten?

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You're a very kind person and I liked listening to you. You are confident, prepared and you didn't need long to answer our questions.

Since you told usabout your sportiness and you are doing sports, we think you are quite suitable for this job. I noticed your interest in this work, so you have great chances for getting it. We'll call you.

We are looking forward and hope to see you again!

"You are a really nice Person and its fun to just listen to you. You seem pretty self-confident and well prepared, also you didn't have to think to long about answers for our questions.
Since you told us about the lots of sports you do, i believe that you would be perfectly suited for this Job! I noticed your interest for the Job and i'd say that you got quite the good chances for being hired.
We will contact you and hope to meet you again soon!"

You are a very nice guy and it´s nice to hear you talking. You´re very self confident and well prepared, that´s why we didn´t have to wait for quick answers. As you mentioned that you´re very sporty person i think you´re convienent for that job. i´ve noticed that you´re really interested in that work (job), so there are good chances for you. We´ll keep in touch and hopefully we meet again soon. 

Bitte :) 

Zuerst: Wenn Du uns verrätst, was Du geschrieben hast, bitte her damit ...

Kommentar von shirinmuss
09.03.2016, 14:33

Wie meinst du das?


Was möchtest Du wissen?