Kann man to shopping sagen?

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"I want to shopping" ist nicht möglich.

Richtig ist:

"... because I want to go shopping.

I want to shop.

Hier ist kein Gerund verlangt.

Englisch Text. Life in a big city - KORREKTUREN

Hi:) Ich muss ein Englisch Aufsatzt über das Leben in einer Großstadt schreiben. Also die Vorteile und Nachteile aufzählen. Findet ihr bei meinem Text hier irgendwelchen GRAMMATIKALISCHEN Fehler? Verbesserungsviorschläge? Ichh weiß das hier ist keine Hausaufgabnhilfe, aber es sind ja auch keine Hausaufgaben:)

*First of all I would like to say, that I think, that the life in a city is better and more interesting, as in a city are many activities to occupy your time, for example you can go in a disco,cinema or you can go shopping as well. However in cities it’s very noisy, but for those people who wants to relax at a calm place, they can go in a park, where they can read a book on a bench or they can go in a library. They also could meet friends in a café or restaurant. In addition in a city you have countless job opportunities, as many companies and shops are situated there. Nevertheless the cost-of-living in a city is higher than in the countryside. I think that’s an important disadvantage, which you should know. Especially the rent or the food is more expensive in the city. Furthermore cities are polluted and there is a high rate of crime. Therefore many parents want their kids grow up in the countryside. But a city people have the best chance to work and study, because there are good universities to choose from a big city. Because of this aspect I want to live in a big city later. On the other hand I think a big disadvantage is that a city is really crowed with cars especially in the rush hours. Many people try to go by bus metro to work to avoid the traffic jams, but mostly the transportation are unreliable an you come late to work. In conclusion I think the life in a city is better, mainly because of the job opportunities and the activities. As well I think, that the advantages prevails the disadvantages. *

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Wie bekommt man bei Animal Crossing Let`s go to the City eine Kreditkarte?

Ich will wissen was eine Kreditkarte bei Animal Crossing Let`s go to the City kann,und wie man sie bekommt

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Animal Crossing lets go to the city. Aufgaben?

in wild world bekommt man ja von den Bewohnern so kleine Aufgaben, z.b jemandem etwas bringen und so..

gibt es das auf lets go to city nicht??

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"How to" speech

Ich soll morgen in Englisch eine "How to" speech-Rede halten und wollte wissen, ob das alles richtig geschrieben ist und ob ihr Verbesserungsvorschläge habt.

"How to" go shopping clothes

Today I tell you something about how to go shopping clothes.

First you must go to a bank. There you take off money from a cash dispenser. Then you go in a boutique. In this you look at clothes and choose something. In a locker room you try it on. Then you superior whether you want to buy it. If you want it, go to the checkout and stand in the queue. If it´s your turn, pay for your clothing. Then you can go back home.

Thank you that you have listened me. I hope you liked it.

Bitte sagt mir, was noch verbessert werden muss. Danke LG Michelle

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"Animal Crossing : Let's go to the City" Obst verkaufen?

"Animal Crossing : Let's go to the City" Wo/Wie verkaufe ich mein Obst?

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