kann jemand von euch den Host family Letter durchlesen und gegebenfalls meine Fehler korrigieren?

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gutefrage.net ist eine Ratgeber-Plattform und kein Lektorat oder Übersetzungsbüro. Was du hier möchtest, ist kein Rat, sondern eine Dienstleistung und Dienstleistungen sind teuer.

Bei aller Liebe, aber die Textlänge sprengt hier nun wirklich den Rahmen, zumal der Brief in der Antwort noch weitergeht.

:-) AstridDerPu

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In my free time I show some children from age 6 to 15 some important facts about first aid. We meet us 1 or 2 hours every seccond saturday. Sometimes I make a little trip with the kids. One time we go ice skating and another time we went to a rescue helicopter and a rescue car and take a look at the inside. The children learned a lot and also have a lot of fun.

In the course of getting my driver’s license I also took part at a
first aid course in which they also taught us first aid for children
and babies. I got my driver’s license in April 2015 and I drive
every day to work. I have experience with cars with gear shift as
well as automatics.

Finally, let me answer the essential question: Why do I want to become an Au pair? The simplest answer is: I love children. I love to see them smiling, their shining eyes, their happiness when they learn something new and their imagination. I like to see them growing up and spending time with them. Besides I would like to get to know the American way of life and different cultures. I want to spent Christmas and Thanksgiving with you, celebrate the 4th of July and so on.

I am looking forward to hearing from you soon and I hope we will spent a great time with each other!
Best wishes,

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