Kann jemand so gut Englisch,sodass er die Fehler in meinem Text erkennt und korrigieren kann?

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They save energy by needing less power to warm themselves up.

These houses are flexible because it is not difficult to transport them to a different place.
They save place because they are smaller as conventional houses.

In 1950 houses had an average size of 1000 square feet, in 1970 houses became 500 square feet bigger and 2000 the size grew up to 2200 square feet, which is far too much.

These special buildings have mostly as foundation columns of stone or other materials or are built on a trailer.
Tiny Houses on a trailer are much more flexible, but also smaller.
They surely can be used as tree-houses too if you use wood as foundation (a tree for example).

Now I'm going to analyse my advertisement:

At least my closing argument is: " Buy one of these houses now, because in the future they say: Less is more “
Finally, I'm supporting to buy this house. You can immediately become a role model for the future generation if you buy this house.

Das deutsche "man" ist NICHT "one" sondern "you"! :) Achte darauf, dass deine Satzanfänge nicht immer die selben sind

The inventor of the Tiny houses is unknown, but the Tiny House Movement comes from America.

Ich würde sagen: but the Tiny House movement has an American origin.

Falls das "movement" zum Namen gehört, muss es groß geschrieben werden. Ich bin mir da nicht ganz sicher, weil ich den Kontext nicht kenne, aber es sieht mir nicht danach aus -> also klein schreiben!

Statt "warm them up" besser: to heat them

Using them saves space because they are smaller than...

Komma nach "1950"

..space for food production will become scarce

because I used...

8.0 billion people  (mit PUNKT). Den Satz I need to write.. versteh ich nicht.

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