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Sorry hab den Text vergessen :-D

The device I describe is a microwave oven, which can be bought from Lidl. It was manufactured by the brand Severin. The microwave has a cuboid shape, a gray and black paint and when you stroke your hand over the surface it feels smooth and hard. It also is made of different metals and about 45cm wide and 25cm high.
The history of the microwave began in the 20th century. Percy Spencer, an engineer from the USA discovered during the construction of a radar installation the effect of microwaves on food. The first microwave came in 1947 on the market and was gigantic: It weighed around 340kg, was 1.70m high and it cost 2000 to 3000 U.S.dollar. In the following years the oven became much lighter, smaller and cheaper.
Today my object is found in almost every kitchen, because it´s a practical device. The main function is to heat up the food as quickly and easily as possible. This is done by so-called microwaves. These waves propagate in the microwave and hit the food. When these high-energy waves enter the food, they bring the water in it to vibrate. As a result, because of the vibration, the water and thus the food are getting warm.
But now arises the question: how I´ll use it? Nowadays it is easier than ever before!
First you should put the dish in the center of the turntable, which is located in the microwave. The food or drink should be on or in a microwaveable container during the warm-up process. After that you close the microwave door, because the microwaves constitute a risk for biological cells, such as those of humans. Now with the two switches on the right side you can set the appropriate temperature and duration how long the dish will be heated.
Finally I can say that the microwave is a natural talent in fast warming/heating and you can save a lot of time with it. This device facilitate the increasingly busy lifestyles for all.

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