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"I installed Visual Studio Enterprise
2015 (update 3) a little while ago (I had VS 2012 Ultimate before
that, but that is deleted from my pc now). When I create a new
WPF-application (or when I try to work with an old WPF-application)
and the go to the XAML-View-Designer, the following error occurs
„XAML Designer has stopped working“. I can see the text in the
exception in VS (the number in the square brackets standing next to
„Constructor has stopped working“ changes every time): ...Before,
when I still had VS 2012 Ultimate, the XAML-Designer worked just
fine. I tried searching for this problem online; I tried deleting
Designer/ShadowCache and I also reinstalled the Studio. But no matter
what I do, nothing does the trick. Do you have any ideas how to fix
this problem:

Here are some informatons about my system and
VSE 2015 that might help:

Betriebssystem: Windows 7 SP 1
Visual Studio is installed on D:, the OS is located on C:"

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