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In our modern world the importance of science rises. We all want to have the latest technology and to use modern media. For this reason we should have to be interested in science. Science helps us to understand the origin of life and finding ways to protect nature. If we know a lot about medecin we are able to cure diseases all over the world, for poor and rich people. My mum said : « Maybe you become genais ! » and smiled. But mabye she is right: We all want a general knowlege and a comfortable life on our planet and so we have to find a way to make science more interesting for children and students.
I think it is very important to teach children how important science is. As a student I think we should do more experiments at school . A total of we need more lessons in physiks, maths, chemistry, and biology. I also think geography is very important. Perhaps we could visit more universities, in big cities like Jena, Erfurt, Leipzig or Weimar. It would be a blessing if people from university visited us at school and told us more about the advantages of science. In my view it is better to have more projects in the nature in the free landscape or in science buildings like the Planetarium in Jena. Next I think by promoting this matter, more people will be interested in science, because Science is an important theme in our electronic world. But I think it is also important to protect nature and protect our planet from too much electronics.

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