Könnt ihr meine grammatikalischen Fehler korrigieren?

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Yes, I will call you! You know what - weg damit, ist nicht nötig. Today I went to an artists' meeting, where I met new people, (Komma) who are Asian, (Komma) too. They are really friendly, and I had so much fun. (there ist nicht nötig). We drew some comics and our drawings will be hung in the library. (Was für people? Hier ist es besser im Passiv)

The Mexican food looks great/fabulous/fantastic! That's a pity/not good, because I want to (kein do a) diet this week. And (weg damit - ein Satz soll nicht mit einer Konjunction beginnen, überhaupt wenn der Satz nichts mit dem vorgehendem Satz zu tun hat.) You look amazing in that picture, so beautiful!

It looks very cold there; in Germany it's warm, and the flowers are blooming.

By the way, entweder the visas are oder the visa is, und finished scheint mir falsch: ist nur die Anwendung fertig, oder hast du schon das visum? Also soll es entweder the visa application(s) is/are ready/complete, oder I have the visa(s). I will send you the files.

Und bitte mit diesen schrecklichen Ausrufezeichen weg, ausser wo ich sie gelassen habe, sind sie ganz falsch.

Woher ich das weiß:Berufserfahrung

Etwas bröckelig, aber ich könnte es jetzt auch nicht besonders besser erklären. Ich würde es etwas flüssiger gestalten.

  • Yes I'll call you back as soon as I can!
  • Today, I went to an artist meeting, I met many new friends and they are asian too! I love the asia culture very much, and I hope to visit asia one day.
  • The people have been very friendly; I love making new friendships! We drew some comics for the libary and had a really good time.
  • The Mexican food looks awesome! It's too bad, I want to do a diet this week, and you look amazing in this picture too!
  • It seems very cold there! In Germany, it's warm. The first flowers are blooming.
  • By the way, the visa is finally finished! I'll send you the files soon/tomorrow/later! Tell me what you think about it!

*asian culture *library


Ich weiß nicht, ob du das irgendwie auf WhatsApp oder so deinem crush schicken willst, aber falls es digital ist, würd ich es auf keinen Fall so abschicken, so schreibt heute keiner mehr.

Englischpräsentation korrekt?

Hier ist meine Englischpräsentation über die White Cliffs of Dover. Wollte einfach mal fragen, ob der Text so richtig ist. Freue mich über jede Antwort. (Das ist nur der informative Text, d.h. Begrüßung, Schluss, Gliederung etc. sind nicht dabei)

General Information

The White Cliffs of Dover are one of Englands most recognizable and popular landmarks. The cliffs are 110m tall and stretch for 16km to the east and west of the town of Dover. They face France across the narrowest part of the English Channel. People, who travel by ship can recognize this landmark from far away, But the cliffs are not only important for the UK, they are world famous because of the showy, white chalk, what is rarely seen in the nature.


The cliffs are made from chalk, a soft white, finely grained limestone. The chalk layers built up over millions of years. They were formed of the remains of small sea plants and animals. For example if the algae died, their remains sank to the bottom of the ocean and combined with the remains of other creatures to form the chalk that shapes the cliffs today. There are hidden tunnels behind the face of Dover's Cliffs. Prisoners carved them during the Napoleonic Wars. Later, the tunnels were enlargend as secret wartime tunnels during World War Two.

Location and Climate

The cliffs are located along the coastline of England. Because of the location there and closeness to Continental Europe, it is even possible to see France from the cliffs on a clear day. There is a sea climate, which isn't surprising because the cliffs are close to the sea. So fog isn't uncommon, which is very bad, because they cannot always be seen. During the winter temperatures are not too low. Summers are not too warm, a constant wind blows there. This makes it feel a little colder.


To enjoy the beautiful scenery you can go on a walking tour. There are many different paths and you can choose the best one at Dover's Visitor Centre. From the cliff-tops you can enjoy stunning views of the English Channel and Dover's busy ferry port. But walking isn't the only attraction. You can also, for example go on a trip to South Foreland Lighthouse where you can take a guided tour and learn about it's interesting history. From it's balcony you can even see all the way to the French coast if the weather isn't too foggy. An other attraction which you can find there is Dover castle. It's located on a part of the white cliffs. A visit isn't cheap, but it's a fantastic opportunity for history fans, because the castle is divided into two historical topics: The Middle Ages and World War 2. Last but not least: Fan Bay Deep Shelter. These are hidden tunnels under Dover's White Cliffs. Visitors can take a tunnel tour, which lasts 30 minutes. You fet a very good insight into the wartime: Especially about the habitat of soldiers and their way of thinking.

Weiterer Teil folgt in den Kommentaren.

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postkarte auf englisch berichtigen

Hallo :) Also ich schreibe am Freitag eine Englisch arbeit & ein teil davon wird sein eine postkarte oder brief (e-mail) auf englisch über new york zu schreiben. Ich bin aber ziemlich schlecht in freien texten schreiben. Ich hab mir als übung schon etwas vorgeschrieben, damit ich in der arbeit nicht hoffnunglos da stehe. Leider weiß ich nur nicht ob das alles so richtig ist.

mein text bis jetzt lautet:

Dear Anne,

We stay in New York for a week. It's very big and it's one of the best places I have ever seen in my live. Here are so big buildings like skyscrapers and the empire state building! Anne you don't believe me, but i know what I write. We were there. On the empire state building. The view is too brilliant for words! You can look over the whole city! It's incredibly great. At Wednesday we were in the central park. It's so beautiful there. I must show you my photos, witch I have taken there, when I’m home again. But know I’m still in New York for 4 days more. Oh and I was in china town yesterday. It's so crazy there. The people are very funny. At least we were driving at our hotel with the subway. That wasn’t so funny. There were lots of people and tourists who push me. i was happy as we were back at the hotel... Tomorrow we will look at the statue of liberty and at the last day, we will go to the stores on fifth avenue. We will go window shopping there ;). For buy it cost too much money :(. I miss you, Marie:*

Wäre nett wenn sich das jemand mal durchlesen könnte und mir meine fehler mitteilen könnte :)

Danke schon mal im vorraus LG Marie

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English Mündliche Prüfung. Bitte um Hilfe um eine gute Note zu erreichen.

Hallo, ich muss bei den einen Teil der mündlichen Prüfung darüber reden wohin ich gerne auswandern möchte und soweiter. Würde mich freuen wenn ihr meinen Text lest und mir vielleicht nen paar gute Übergange oder irgendetwas gutes hinzufügt . oder den Wortschatz verändern damit der Wortschatz besser ist und ihn bewertet. Vielen Dank Im voraus

Hier mein Text:

My favourite City is New York City. It is in the east of United States and a 8 million people live there. It is in the state New York. N.W.C has 5 broughs: Manhattan, Queens , Brooklyn, the Branx and Staten Island. In New York City there are a lot of famous sights for example: The Statue of Liberty, Broadway, Chinatown, The empire State Bulding and many more. Broadway is a street which is famous for its theatres. There are many plays with Hollywood Stars and etc. There you can see new theatre plays and muscials. Chinatwon is a place where you can buy chinese food, clothes and other things. There you can spend much time. It is like a trip to China. Moreover New York City has many Parks for example: the Central Park. I think it is very important to have many park in a city because you can relax there. People from all over the world emigrate to New York City , but it is a very experience city for example: additional cost and rents are high. Moreover in New York City happen a lot of crime, because there live a lot of gangster and they are very dangerous and scarifying. I would like to go to New York City because they city is beautiful , great and I love the skyscrapers and the Parks , where I can relax and meet friends.

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