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Ich denke mal es geht um Schuluniformen :D

Hier zu erstmal:

,,Order: 1. prepare for later 2. improve learning 4. limited to one shop 5. some may not want to wear a school uniform 6. no bullying ´cause all are one organization''

Würde ich so schreiben:

,,Order: 1. prepare for the future (sofern du Uniforms, also Mehrzahl nimmst. Bei Einzahl wäre es ,prepares') 4. bound to  one single shop 5. some students maybe dont want to wear [...] 6. no bullying because studets are alike''


,,In the following I will explain why I am for wearing a school uniform[..]''

Wäre eventuell besser, wenn du z.B. schreibst: In the following argumentation/ comment [..]


,,. For many it is difficult to dress smartly in their later jobs. If you already wear a school uniform you do not have this problem.''

Wäre besser:

For many people dressing smartly in their Jobs is a Problem, but if you already wear a School uniform in School, you don't have this Problem.

Ja .. das wird länger, hehe xD:

,,some people believe that school uniform [..]''

Ich empfehle dir ein 's' hinter Uniform zu tun :P Oder ein 'a' davor zuhängen 'a School uniform'

,,. I totally agree with this, because you reduce distraction and focus on schoolwork. Also it makes classroom a more serious environment, so the students can focus better on their work.''

Wäre besser:

I totally agree with this argument [...] and increase the focus on School exercises. It also makes the classroom a more serious place, [...]

Environment bezieht sich jetzt ehr auf die Umwelt, d.h. die Umgeben 'draußen'

,,On the other hand there are some disadvantages for wearing a school uniform.''

[...] some disadvantages of wearing a School uniform

,,In my opinion the biggest problem with school uniforms are that you are most of the time limited to one shop. If nothing in the shop fits you you can get struggle with it.''

[...] the biggest problem with school uniforms is that you are mostly limited to one single shop, when you want to buy your uniform. If the uniforms in the shop don't fit you, you might become Problems with it.

,,Another big point against wearing a school uniform is that some students may not want to wear a school uniform. Especially teenagers want to show their attitude and express themselves by dressing in an individual style. ''

Another argument against [...]. [...] and express themselves with an individual style.

,,The main reason why I am for wearing a school uniform is that nobody gets excluded for how he or she look. Because all look the same and nobody can make fun about others for how they look. Also wearing a school uniform gives a feeling of being a part of an organization. This is important for students with low feeling of self-worth because they feel more comfortable''


In my oppinion students should wear school uniforms because nobody can get bullied for his style/look. Everybody looks alike and nobody can joke about other students looks. Wearing a school unifrom also makes the students feel like they are part of a local community. It is important because students with a low self-confidence feel more comfortable.

,,Weighing the pros and cons I came to the conclusion that I would like to introduce school uniform because the advantage are stronger than the disadvantage and school uniforms have a very big avail for the most students''

Weighing the pro and contra arguments, I made the conclusion that[..].

Joa.. das wars.. xD

LG :3 Ich entschuldige mich für jedliche Rechtschreibfehler, mein Lap korrigiert gerne mal selber :D

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