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Hey, ich hab das eben mal übersetzt. Ich garantiere aber nicht dafür, dass das so stimmt😂😅

I'm looking for my friend Joely. I haven't seen her in over a year and the only thing I have left of her is this drawing. I only know her first name and that she's from Florida. I've got to know her in just one day but she quickly got to hold a place in my heart. I'm sure that she'll remember (me) if she sees this picture and maybe we could get in contact again. That's my biggest dream and maybe it'll come true... maybe it won't. But I want to try anyway. And I'd like to ask everyone who reads this to share this picture under the hashtag: #joelycomeback and to link me. Maybe that is much I'm asking for, but it would make me truly happy. Please share this and Joely, if you read this please contact me.

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