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The Kruger National Park is a species-appropriate natural reserve of about 20,000 square kilometers . Here you can see among others the Big 5 Wildlife leopard , rhino, buffalo , lion and elephant .Further, the Kruger Park has about 500 birds , 114 reptiles , 49 fish and 34 amphibian species. More than 330 tree species including the most famous tree in Africa - the baobab tree . The flora in this park has many special features. The nature reserve has some rivers in its field , many of which have dried up in the arid months . Most rivers are home to hippos and crocodiles . Many elephant herds will stay in the vicinity of rivers and can be observed there first class. The Kruger Park is next to Cape Town to the biggest highlights of a South Africa holiday. Most overseas tourists usually visit with a trip to Kruger National Park.

Ich bin mir nicht sicher ob das so stimmt wie ich das verbessert habe, für mich hört sich der Text aber soweit richtig an

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Hört sich für mich ganz gut an, bin aber nicht die Beste in Englisch.

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