Ist diese Englische Satzstellung korrekt?

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Vom Fragesteller als hilfreich ausgezeichnet

Der Satz ist mE korrekt aber auch sehr kompliziert. Warum machst du es nicht einfacher und leichter verständlich für den Leser - zB auf diese oder eine ähnliche Art:

This paper shows why traditional schools cannot be replaced by homschooling. Pros and Cons, and especially many opposing arguments werde taken into consideration. However, because of ........... the paper was not able to address every additional point in greater detail.


in einer Englischarbeit hast du auch niemanden, der dir dabei hilft. Deshalb mein Rat, hänge dich nicht an einer (Vor-) Formulierung oder einem Wort auf, sondern formuliere um, dann fällt das Schreiben und Übersetzen oft leichter.

Daneben empfehle ich für das Vokabular ein gutes (online) Wörterbuch, z.B. und für die Grammatik und

Aber Finger weg vom Google Übelsetzer und seinen tr.tteligen Kollegen!


Könnte jemand über meinen Essay drüber schauen?

         Every school should demand school uniform

In some countries all over the world school children have to wear uniforms the color scheme and style varies from school to school. In other countries pupils can wear to school what ever clothes they choose. In those countries it could be difficult to introduce school uniforms, because they are not traditionally used to wearing one. In the following essay I want to discuss the advantages to introduce school uniforms world wide.

In my opinion school uniforms ind schools are positive but negative too because not every student have the same style and they cant decide which school uniforms they wanted to wear.

School uniforms are on the one side good because a lot of children are victims of bullying because some of theme haven’t enough money to buy expensive and nice clothes. In this case the school uniform is very practically and maybe a good problem-solving.

On the other side pupils cant find our style and have to wear clothes that they don’t wanted. School uniforms can be nice but not every day ,It quickly becomes boring .However, there are people around the world for which it is too expensive ,always to buy a school uniform. Children grow fast and because of that they have to buy an again and again. We must take into account that the school uniform is maybe expensive but the clothes that the kids need for school is not cheaper and they have to be buy again and again, too.

On the other hand if the pupils wear school uniforms there is not a difference between rich and poor.

I have come to the conclusion that school uniforms are not everywhere positive and children should be able to develop their own style. Cause the bully is not reduced by a school uniform.

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Opinion Essay schreiben HILFE!?

Hallo :) wir müssen als Hausübung einen Opinion Essay schreiben zur Frage ,,Will Computers ever be more intelligent than humans?''. Wäre echt nett wenn ihr euch meinen Essay anseht und mir sagt ob der so passt oder was man noch ändern sollte, ich bin mir nämlich beim Aufbau und beim Schluss nicht ganz sicher; wenn ihr Fehler findet könnt ihr es mir auch gerne sagen:) Danke! :

Today all over the world computers take part in our life. They are almost in all houses, offices, schools and other places and they help us in all different situations. But will the intelligent machines more clever than we in the future? My opinion is that computers will probably be more intelligent in some matters, but never in certainly issues.

The advantages, why the electronic machines will be more clever, are that they are a way faster, more accurate and they got a better and bigger memory than we humans will ever have. Thus computers are able to work harder and faster as a human brain and are more helpfully in some matters than oneself. For example a calculator, you can calculate difficult results very quickly and with no big efforts or you can save large documents, actually some things in which humans aren´t able in.
On the other hand, there are some other issues in which the electronic machines will never be more intelligent than we, namely to show or to realise emotions. Because they are machines made off metal, which will never have brains like we have. For instance computers will never feel anything or understand when you feel sad or angry, they aren’t able to be happy, nervous or bad, like we humans.

In conclusion, there are many different issues in which computer will be more intelligent than humans, which will also help us a lot. Anyway they will never have this important achievement which we are able in, to feel, to have different emotions and to have this humanity.

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Motivationsschreiben Bildungsreise nach Englad?

Hey Leute,

ich hab ein Motivationsschreiben verfasst und bitte euch um eure Meinung dazu. Es ist Teil der Bewerbung für eine 3-wöchige Londonfahrt mit der Berufsschule.

Dear Mr. xy,

I would like to apply for the three-week-course at the European College of Business & Management in London in March/April 2017.

Since September 2015 I have been working as a trainee at the xy. Nearly every week I have to speak English to customer who do not speak German. Therefore I especially want to improve my business English to be able to communicate with these people without any problems.

Moreover I think this project will help me in my future career and also in my private life. In June 2018 I will take my A-level exams at the Berufsschule Plus in Musterstadt. Perhaps I can study then abroad for one semester in a few years. Furthermore I am really interested in the English culture. I hope I can learn about the British way of life in London.

Thank you for taking the time to read my application. Please find enclosed my CV. Yours sincerely,

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Englisch: Letter to the editor

Ich musste erst letztens einen letter to the editor (Leserbrief) schreiben. Da das, im Fach Englisch, für mich eine völlig neue Textsorte ist, wollte ich fragen, ob sich jemand bereitstellen würde, sich meinen Text anzusehen und zu sagen, was er davon hält. Danke!

Hier der Text:

Dear Sir, I am writing about the recent article in your newspaper regarding the smoking ban in restaurants in the City of Wausau. In my opinion, the implementation of this law to prohibit smoking is really difficult and unclear. However, as a non-smoker I believe the basic idea behind is a good step forward to change the environment in restaurants in a good way.

Firstly, the atmosphere of a restaurant is probably the most important aspect for a customer. I often notice that the unpleasant smell and look of smoking areas make a restaurant to a not welcoming and inviting place. The smoking ban makes it possible to the public to have a better atmosphere but also a healthier environment.

Smoking also means high costs. A smoker have to pay every month hundreds of dollar for cigarettes depending on how much he smokes. The smoking ban could maybe encourage people to smoke less and to save money. Nevertheless, this is only the point of view of a non-smoker.

There is also another point, which is possibly of even greater importance. Health problems related to smoking are often a much-debated topic in public. Many smokers suffer from arterial damage, heart disease or osteoporosis. The poisonous chemical tar causes damage to the lungs and pharynx. In a restaurant, a smoking ban can protect the non-smokers not to smoke passively and endanger their health.

At this point, I would like to express again my doubts about the implementation of such a law. I think it is difficult to enforce a smoking ban in every restaurant. There is always someone, who breaks the law. Every innkeeper should be able to decide whether to ban smoking or not. I hope my suggestions will be taken into consideration. Yours sincerely ...

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