Ist die Band agalloch Christlich?

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Oh, dann hier eine meiner Lieblingsstellen, um deine Verwirrung zu vertiefen:

"Here at the edge of this world

Here I gaze at a pantheon of oak, a citadel of stone

If this grand panorama before me is what you call God. . .

Then God is not dead."

Aber nein, Agalloch ist (bzw. war) keine christliche Band. Es sind aber auch sicher keine Satanisten. Die kommen eher so naturmystisch daher.

Agalloch – John Haughm, Frontmann: "Ich bin oft davon überrascht, dass die meisten Religionen im 21. Jahrhundert nach wie vor ernst genommen werden. Das betrifft vor allem die „großen Drei“. Das zeigt, dass der Mensch sich vom Affen evolutionär immer noch nicht weit entfernt hat …"

Findest du das christlich? Ich nicht.

  1. Es gibt keine christlichen Bands, sondern nur welche die das vorgeben.
  2. Satanismus, in neuerer Art, in der man an Satan glaubt, gibt es nur weil es das Christentum gibt. Satan ist eine Weiterentwicklung des röm/griech. Hades. Es sind nur Märchen. Ich empfehle dir, dich lieber um die Realität zu kümmern statt um solche sinnfreien Fantasien, nach denen man sich auch noch richtet.

Ist die Rechtschreibung richtig? Referat über Linkin Park auf Englisch

Hallo! Ich bin gerade fertig geworden mit meinem Referat über Linkin Park für Englisch. Bin mir aber nicht 100%ig sicher ob die Grammatik und Rechtschreibung stimm. Kann jemand von euch gut englisch? Sind da irgendwelche Fehler drin?

Würde mich über Tipps freuen :)

Hier ist mein Referat:

Linkin Park was founded 1996 in Los Angeles. At first the band was called Xero. The founder-members were Mike Shinoda, Brad Delson, Rob Bourdon, Joe Hahn and Mike Wakefield, who left the band 2 years later. Xero, now with no vocalist, asked Chester Bennington to sing for the band. He sent them a demo, and since that day he is member of Linkin Park. After Chester joined the band, they changed their name into “Hybrid Theory”, but there was one band with the same name, so they had to change it again into Linkin Park.

Their first album, called “Hybrid Theory”, was released 1999. “One Step Closer”, one song of the album, was on the soundtrack for the movie “Das Experiment” too. 3 Years later a remix of their fist album, “Reanimation”, was released. 2003 they released their second album, “Meteora”. 2004 “Collision Course”, an album in cooperation with the rapper Jay Z, was released. 2007 Linkin Park released their latest album, “Minutes to Midnight”.

Now I want to tell you something about the current members of Linkin Park.

Chester Bennington, the lead-vocalist of Linkin Park, was born in Phoenix 1976. Before he came to Linkin Park, he sang for the Band “Grey Daze”. When he was a little kid, he got abused. He was addicted to drugs, much of his friends committed suicide.

Mike Shinoda, the rapper, guitarist and keyboarder was born in Agoura 1977. His mother is Russian, his father is Japanese. He is one of the founder-members of Linkin Park.

Joseph Hahn, the DJ of Linkin Park, was born in Glendale 1977. His parents are from Korea. He produced the music videos for Linkin Park.

Rob Bourdon, the drummer of the band, was born in Calabasas 1979. The Aerosmith-drummer, who was a friend of his mother, taught him how to play with drums.

Brad Delson, the lead-guitarist, was born 1977 in Agoura. He is – like Bourdon – a believing Jew, and his parents spend a meal for homeless persons every year.

David Farrell, the bassist of Linkin Park, was born in Plymouth 1977. “Hybrid theory” was made without him, because he played in another band, which was called “Tasty Snax”. After one album of the band, he rejoined Linkin Park.

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Kann mir jemand bei meinem Englisch-Monolog helfen?

Hallo ich habe Morgen meine Englisch Monolog Prüfung und würde mich freuen wenn sich jemand die Zeit nähme, sich den text kurz durch zu lesen und mich auf Fehler aufmerksam machen würde! Danke für jede Hilfe


My name is Desi and I’m 14 years old. I was born in ~~~~~~~, and now, I live in a House in ~~~~~~ with my Family. ~~~~~~ is a small Village in Baden-Württemberg, where you can do a lot of things. I have one older Brother, and one older Sister called Renè and Linda. They work as a Painter and an old people’s nurse. Actress would be the job of my dreams. My favourite actors are Robert Pattinson and Sandra Bullock. I like their films. I’ve never met them before, but if I have a Chance to meet them, I wouldn’t say no. I think it’s an Honor to meet such Prominent People. But I think they’re unattainable, because they have Private Bodyguards. For sure I now that my dream is really hard to reach, but first I wanted to do anyway with the School further. In my Free time I like to meet my Friends or some Stuff. And I often walk with an Foster dog. I walk with him, because his owner has a damaged Knee. The dog’s name is Bobby. His fur is white and he has black round button eyes. He is an Russian Breed of Dog. Now he is 3 years old and the owner adopted him with 4 weeks. When I walk with him we often go out on field. For me it’s like a little Pocket money enhance. But I do it with pleasure. And the owner is also very nice to me. And about Animals, I have one dog called Sunny his fur are Black and on his legs he is brown, and one cat called Beverly her fur is complete Black, just a part of her neck is white. Her breed is Main coon. Normal Housecats are much smaller than Main Coons. This Cat species is one of the oldest natural breeds in North America. The fur colors can be very different. From complete Black to complete white or mixed with all colors. Months ago I had a second Main Coon cat but he unfortunately died. In my free time I also like to hear Music. I don’t like rap but I like charts music from Taylor Swift or other popular Singers. At the Moment my favourite Song is Hello from Adele. She is so famous. After under one week her Song was the first in the Charts. And My hobbies are Painting. I like to Paint without a any Photos. But if it looks in the end as well as I want is another question. Often I try to draw Animes or Mangas, but they look so bad. I see lots of photos on Instagram, where People draw Animes characters in the Film. The Pictures look so easy to draw, and when I start drawing, I figure out that I can’t really draw. But I Still paint no matter if it’s look bad. Because I try to learn it. So just learning by doing. I like the Pictures from Bob Ross. I often saw him on TV, where he painted Landscape Pictures that looked so real. But now he’s not longer alive. What I also like, are Manga or Anime Pictures. I can’t draw the characters but just watching at pretty Pictures is also satisfying.

Thank you for your attention

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